II Senses VI: Cold Sheets


An empty bed found under cold sheets

the comfort I feel

does not compare to what you give me

when you lay underneath.

A heart is frozen

within these covers,

and only you can make it warm

with your presence

and the love you shower.

A heart is lonely

inside its parameters,

and only you can heat up

the ice that numbs it

and stops  it from beating.

If these sheets could talk

I would ask them to tell you

how much I long for you

to touch every inch

of me.

If only these sheets could walk,

I want them to go straight

to where you are

so you could feel

me within your arms.

Once again,

my love.

Only for tonight.



II Senses V: When I Look At You

I wonder how you feel
when I look at you.
Do you get
as I stare at your
physique, or
when I examine
every part of your body
with my eyes?
I wonder how you feel
every time I study
your every angle
and every curve,
and how you curse
yourself within your head
when you get too affected;
And I wonder
if you know
when I look at you,
your eyes take me to
a different place
and your face looks like
art that deserves
to be praised
I wish I could
freeze the time
so I could enjoy
just watching you
live your life
and I’d be happy
just admiring you
from afar
and greeting you
countless goodnights.

Scared | Scarred


For the first time in my life, I am not scared of anything other than the thought of being alone. I have never been scared of it before. I loved having just myself and being away from people, but right now, the only thing I am scared about is the idea that there is a big possibility that I may be alone forever.

It is weird how the things I am not scared of happening before are the only things that scare the hell out of me now, while the ones I have been scared of are the ones I couldn’t care less about anymore.

I am no longer scared of falling;

of getting my heart scarred multiple times by the same person;

of losing myself;

of being out of my comfort zone;

and of taking risks.

I no longer care whether or not you love me back, and I no longer care about losing you despite all the efforts I am willing to make.

The only thing I am scared of is the fact that despite me saying all these things, I’d still end up being alone.





Hold Her Hand.


Do you need me to hold your hand?

It came out more like sarcasm than actually asking if she needed help.

No. I can do this alone.

She turned her back and walked as fast as she could. She didn’t dare to look back, scared of seeing him walk away.

She didn’t need him to hold her hand. She wanted him to. It would have been nice if he did.





No More Poetry

HorizontalBar_2“No. No more poetry,” he said sternly, and she knew that would be his last words for the day.

She remained static in bed, like a robot that couldn’t move. She wished she was a robot. She wished she couldn’t feel anything. At least, it wouldn’t hurt so bad when he said he didn’t like her as strongly as she did.

She let out a deep sigh and whispered in the air,

“Why would I stop writing poems about you? It’s all I have. I’ve got nothing else to hold on to. I no longer have you.”

“No. Just…no more poetry.”