II Senses III: Never Hold Back


Put your hands
on my chest,
dig your nails
and crush my legs,
feel my clavicle
then leave a trace,
curse my name
with so much grace
Always remember
you are my thunder —
you can get mad
and you can get loud,
you can attack,
just never hold back.



All These Feelings in a Cup of Coffee


I need to clear my mind

I need something to calm my heart

My anger is raging

and my tears can’t stop from falling

I am starting to hate the people around me

dreading the air that I breathe

for it is the same air they get to sniff

like poison slowly making me weak

I am furious and I can’t help it

The veins in my temples are exploding bit by bit

Making me detest all of the work I have to commit

If I leave them now that would be a good plot twist

Anger and disappointment

are flowing in my veins

blending with my blood

and soon be ending and dwelling within my heart

I am not crying in pain

but I have so much anger in me

and I hate how it is slowly taking over my body

I think I just really need a cup of coffee