II Senses VII: Coffee Shop

And I will remember youeverywhere I go —

Your taste, your scent.

Your breath, your lips

pressed on my neck.

Your touch, your stare

will forever linger in the air.

A memory of you

A memory of me right next to you.

A memory of us sitting silently

in a coffee shop.

Not talking to each other,

but holding each other’s hands

Savoring every moment

Without saying a single word.

Just you.

Just us.

Just you and I.


II Senses IV: Say My Name


Say my name out loud
until you forget
all the other people
who have ever felt
your heart
through your skin,
and heard your thoughts
through your screams;
just say my name
and I will be in your dreams.


II Senses III: Never Hold Back


Put your hands
on my chest,
dig your nails
and crush my legs,
feel my clavicle
then leave a trace,
curse my name
with so much grace
Always remember
you are my thunder —
you can get mad
and you can get loud,
you can attack,
just never hold back.


II Senses II: Craving


I crave for
a love
I have never
felt before;
for a smile
no one
could ever ignore;
for a touch
only your
hands could
for warm,
tight squeezes
for goodnight kisses
for morning greetings
for your body
against my back
every sunset
every sunrise
I crave
for you to crave
for me
the way plants
crave for sunlight
during rainy season
the way nightwalkers
wait for the sun
to move down
the horizon
during the
summer solstice —
yet intense.


DP (1)


Senses XVI: Wanted


I woke up this morning
to find the bruises you left
still stamped on my knees —
a mark of your nonexistent love
a proof of my demise
I remembered the way
your hands landed on my hips
I wanted you to touch me
in places no one
had ever touched before,
I wanted you to lay me
on my back —
to conquer not only my thoughts
my heart, my soul,
but my entire body
I wanted to belong
in your arms,
for you to own me not only for a night
but until the last star in the sky
stopped flickering,
I wanted you to whisper my name
while your heart beat
slower and faster
at the same exact time
I wanted you to tell me
I was your only one
and that you weren’t going to let me go
even until my last sunrise
I remembered how
you didn’t have to wipe my tears
that night I gave in to my emotions
the way you held me
close to your chest
and the way you safeguard my body
was enough to keep my heart warm
I wanted to learn from you
to get to know you
by just tracing
your well-sculpted body
with my tiny hands
I wanted to make love
with the way you think
the way you talk
and the way you make me fall
into the abyss of your charm
I wanted you to greet me
in the morning with a smile,
to laugh with me
while I felt embarrassed about
what has transpired the other night
I wanted you to tell me
I was beautiful even with my hair
scattered all over your face
— to let me know
that you had fallen
not only for what your eyes could see
but also for my entirety
And despite my cry of disappointment
I still wanted you,
and I would do you
in my dreams
in my reality
over and over again.


DP (1)



Senses IX: On the Floor


Like the Adarna bird

you sing to me

in different rhythmic forms

slowly and beautifully

Your voice dances

in the air I breathe

in supersonic speed

invading my ear

And right now

There’s only one thing I know —

your song makes me want to throw

my clothes on the floor.




Senses VIII: All I Want…


I crave for the space

between your fingers

while your lips

tremble with delight

as you lock them with mine

and you wrap your arms

around my tiny body

as I squeeze you closer to me

while we dance

under the moonlight.





Senses VII: His Sight


Little by little, I opened my eyes
to find two beautiful orbs
staring back at me
A long curve was drawn on his face

I wish I could tell him how incredible it was
to always see his eyes smile
I wanted to lose myself in it
As it made me bleed myself in pure delight.





Senses IV: Motion


I saw you moving your lips in slow motion
but all I heard was silence
I saw you moving your hips like the big waves in the ocean
but I still couldn’t feel your presence

If this was just me dying a couple of times inside
then slay me with your love once again tonight
Make me feel all of your pain
Let me hear the screaming of a thousand cranes.



Senses II: Marks


You lay on your side
As I traced your skin with my lips
I touched the marks that were left unhealed
I felt your heart skips a beat.



Senses I: Last Night


I looked at your innocent face
and the memories of last night
flashed back
like a thousand lightnings in the sky
Last night, you broke me into tiny pieces
Yet, you made me whole again.



Have I Not Told You Yet?

We all have a sacred, wild, healing, wise force within us; our inner Shaman. The concept of an inner Shaman suggests that we are not just a part of God/Goddess, we do not just contain a spark of this brilliance, we ARE God/Goddess manifest in human form. We are not just a part of nature, we ARE nature. We do not just have beauty within us, we ARE beauty. Awaken the inner Shaman from her dream and synchronize with the power to heal, step into purpose, and live as your sacred self.:


The leaves fall
as Fall leaves.
The sun dazzles
before your dazzling eyes
Have I not told you yet?
You aren’t just my Universe,
You are my entire Supermassive Blackhole

To me,
You are worth the millions and billions
of solar masses
You are the body of my galaxy
The eye of my constellation
The only star falling for me

You are my entire life
My everything
I lose myself in you
Have I not told you yet?



Slow Down


You twist and you turn
Like a rod in a keyhole
Deep, forced and unfit
You tease me
As you find bliss in my coyness
You toast
That burning desire in me
You thrust
And I feel you slow down a little
Like a knife
You cut right through me
And I could hear the phoenix crying somewhere
And the mandarin ducks have just stopped singing
A murder of crows are waiting
at the end of the line
They could hear you
They could hear us
Slow down, my love
It’s not yet time.



Love is a Place for You and Me.




Do you know that there is a special place just above the sky

that is designed especially for the two of us?

A place where the oceans meet

             where the clouds overlap

             where the stars and the moons reside

             where a thousand suns illuminate your eyes

             where millions of roses rest under your feet.

There, you can find a waterfall named after your tears

A river where all of your dreams may come true

A castle stands in the middle of the sea

floating above the waters so you could walk without using your feet.

This place I am telling you is made out of love

A love that is stronger than the wind in a stormy night

A love that even the deadliest warrior in history of all histories can never destroy

A love that is just for you and me.HorizontalBar_2




A flowerless mimosa pudica

lays untouched

in the middle of the desert

parched and gasping

waiting to be moved

by your Ferocactus

so fleshy and succulent

ginormous and stretched

It makes it want to wish

it was a dandelion

fulfilling what you crave

There is something in you

that makes it want to fit in

to blend in

Your power over it is staggering


life changing

because that is what you are.





The sun rises

A smile shines out of my eyes

        as I look out the window

The grass seems greener

        than they have ever been

Dandelions get blown by the wind

        and I wish for just one thing

I look back at what has transpired

Broken tables

Wine splattered on the carpet floor

Clothes scattered everywhere

The roses you send every day

        still bloom like they were freshly picked from your garden

I feel every trace of ink on the letter

        that comes with it

Heavy breathing

I am feeling you

Every inch of you

Every beat of your heart

I wish I could touch you

I wish I could make love to you

       at this very moment

I wish I could tell you

       that underneath these clothes

I am naked.





You had been waiting for this exact moment
You were apart for far too long
And now she was at the door
You ran towards her
And pushed her against the wall
You forgot how cold the concrete wall was

You touched her lips with your right hand
As your left hand began to wander and found its way to her left leg
You looked at her and lifted her up
Her legs around your waist
You started biting her neck
You sucked
And sucked
And she moaned
And moaned
And moaned
She called out
She whispered into your ear
She asked you to stop
You realized
Maybe it was too much
You began to move slowly
You bowed down
And dropped to your knees
You looked at her
Stared into those beautiful brown orbs you have always loved
Her eyes were pleading
Her morals
Her faith
Her belief
Her everything
You almost let her lose all of that
Just because of your misery
Being away from her was hard
She knew that
If it was hard for you
It was more difficult for her
You touched her face
Tears streaming down like waterfalls
You leaned in and planted a kiss on her sweaty forehead
You locked her in your arms
And squeezed her tightly
No words were needed
But she knew
She knew how much that meant
How much strength you had
To be like that to her
She felt it
And so she pushed you against the wall
She touched your lips with her right hand
As her left hand began to wander
She wrapped her arms around you
She started biting your neck
She sucked
And sucked
And you moaned
And moaned
And moaned
You whispered her name
You made her stop
You looked at each other’s eyes
Drowning yourselves
You turned around because it was too much
You were conflicted
You did not know what to do
It was too good to be true
You sat down at the end of your bed
Your hands covered your face
You felt the bed sunk a little
You turned your head and looked at her
She was smiling
The smile you had been craving to see on her face
A tear fell down
And that was it.
That was the sign.