Start to End

There is nothing more

I can say to you

than to tell you how much

I am proud of you.

You make me happy

But can’t you see?

We’re not meant to be

Everything is just too much for me.

I’d like to continue

Whatever we have

But I don’t know where to start

nor I know where to end.

If it’s going to end

I better start now

I’m sorry, my love

But I gotta do it somehow.




Enamorada —
I am a woman in love —
in love with so many things:
the moon
the sun
the stars that make up
the galaxies
the constellations
the universe.
I am in love
with the beauty of life —
the evening air
the breeze that comes
from the waves in the ocean
the mist, the cold
the droplets of excess water
that fall down
from the leaves of pine trees.
I am in love
with the way the sun
burns my skin
in the summer,
with the sound
of birds singing above
the imaginary wires that
connect me to you,
with the smell
of freshly-cut roses.
I am in love
with music,
with movements,
with people
with you
I am a woman in love —
For you, enamorado
I will always be.


DP (1)


My Little Jealous Heart


My little jealous heart is a little jealous of your big confident heart,
yet it cannot help but feel a little bit more crazy for you since the very start.

My little jealous heart is a little insecure and intimidated by you,
it burns by your presence and melts by the sight of you.

My little jealous heart wants no competition,
for it knows you would do better without it in your possession.

My little jealous heart aches for you every single day,
and it wishes you would do the same without being scared away.

My little jealous heart wishes all the best for you,
and so it is slowly changing just to be perfect for you.





Fantastic You and I


He said, “Write anything under the sun. Write about your hopes and dreams.” I said, “I do. I always write about you.”


We are a team —
You and I.

I wish not to ever leave your side.
I wish not to be kicked out of your life.

I wish to be the only person who get to see your everyday smile.
And I wish to be the one holding your hand every single time.

And if you ever leave,
worry not about me my love,
for you are
and you will always be
stuck in my mind.

In every single second
you are not around,
I keep you in the
innermost part of my heart
guarded by rose thorns
and secured with my undying love.

And if you ever come to me,
I wish not to see the lines
on your forehead forever stuck,
I wish not to see your brows
all lined up in just one direction,
and that the only line I will ever get to see
is the upward curve of your lips
while you stare into my eyes
and melt my heart and soul at the same time.

And we will be happy
For you are my fantastic love,
and I am yours —

We are fantastic, You and I.





Cloudy With A Chance of You and Me


He said, “Write anything under the sun. Write about your hopes and dreams.” I said, “I do. I always write about you.”


I wonder what I would do

When you and I are no longer two

Would I still be writing about you?

I don’t have a clue

But here is something I know that is true

I would not stop thinking of you

When the clouds are grey or when the sky is blue

I would be in bed dreaming of you

When the rain is falling heavily

or when the sun is smiling at me

I’d be standing by the door with a cup of tea

hoping for another chance of you and me



All Over The Place


He said, “Write anything under the sun. Write about your hopes and dreams.” I said, “I do. I always write about you.” 


I thought about the stubble on your face

And the freckles on your shoulders

I thought about how heavenly it would be to be in your arms

And how achingly beautiful it would be to trace your back with my fingertips

I thought about how one plus one would be equal to you and me;

And how we would always be together unlike A and Z

I thought about what your lips would taste like

And how your hands would fit in mine

I thought about how I would forget what words are when you’d look at me

And how the sound of your voice in the morning would send shiver down my spine

I thought about how algorithm would never seem to work for the both of us

And how forensic science could never solve the downfall of our chemistry

I thought about how you would own me the very first time you would lay your eyes on me

And how my body would no longer be mine but yours to keep

I thought about how it would not always rainbows and butterflies with you

But also daggers and poison killing us bit by bit

I thought about how much pain you would cause me

And how I would still love every inch of you

I thought about how my thoughts would slowly swallow my entire soul because

My thoughts would be all about you

They have always been all about you

and right now

They are all over the place.