My Everything

She could give you everything

you want and surely,

she would still have something

left for herself;

I don’t have everything

you want,

but I would give you my everything

even if that means

nothing would be left

for myself.



Game of Thorns

Thorns never meant to harm;

but they could dig

through your skin and slowly

eat your soul

like the words 

I would say to you

the moment you make me

realize I have had enough

of your games.


Roses never die;

they wither

like the ephemeral thoughts

I have about you

and the useless

feelings you have

for me.



I got rid of all my petals

Only to find out

I just wasted my love.


Senses XVIII: Delightfully Heart Sore


My heart is sore and my eyes are tired,
My blood is boiling at 212 Fahrenheit,
My veins are branching out with all its might,
while my body is convulsing with so much fright
As your hands land on my skin again tonight,
I’d dream of the very first time I have seen you psyched
At the way I have desired you to conquer my light
while the moon mocks me with so much delight.


DP (1)




Never Again


You saw the weak side of me —
the side I would never let anyone uncover
but I let you in and showed you
the things only I was supposed to know
only to be used by you against me later on
It was a mistake that cannot be undone;
it was a lesson that cannot be unlearned
it was something that I can never take back
and something I won’t dare do again.





One Day


One day you will forget
how much I love you
how much I need you
how much you mean to me.

You will forget
that I have always wanted you
that I have always cared about you
that I can’t live without you.

And when that day comes,
I hope you remember
that you are my world,
my entire universe.

And I will always wait for you,
Even in the afterlife
And I know it’s going to worth it
Even if I die a million times.



Let Me Love You


Let me love you
The way you want me to
For in that way I know
You wouldn’t be able to say no.

Let me love you
The way that you wake up in the morning
Slowly but surely
There’s no point of running.

Let me love you
And you don’t have to love me back
For my love for you is enough
To make my heart and soul contract.



You Used To…


You used to love the idea of being next to me

Laying in bed with your arms wrapped around me

With your lips on my bare shoulders

tracing every vein constricted within my skin.

You used to love the idea of listening to my voice when I was sleepy

or when I woke up before I took a sip of my morning coffee

while you lay in bed staring at me

trying to memorize every part of my naked body.

You used to love the idea of interlacing your fingers with mine

when the warmth of my palms had always made you feel divine

when calling your name sent shivers down your spine

and you kept wanting more because you knew that by then you would be fine.

You used to love the idea of watching me doze off

into deep slumber until you were sure I could never get away

when you never really had to worry about it even when life gets even tough

because I would always be here waiting coldly under your warm velvet duvet.



Remember Me


I am not asking
for us to be together
but remember me
when you feel you are unloved
I am still waiting
for that day you are ready
to say you love me.


If You Love Me


They say that love is unconditional,

but if you love me

I’ll love you more.

I’ll give you more than you expect me to.

I’ll adore you more.

You’ll find me on my knees

— praising you, begging you.

I’ll treat you more than you deserve.

I’ll give you all of me

— my heart, my soul.

My life, my body

— they’d all be yours.

But if you love me,

Please don’t let me do more.





I Refuse.


I refuse to talk to you

When you say “Hey,”

and ask how I am these days

I know soon, you’d say “Goodbye.”


I refuse to answer your call

When I hit the green button on my phone

and hear your voice on the other side

I would surely struggle to say “Hi.”


I refuse to respond to your message

When you send me one first

I know  you’d disappear again

once I hit reply.


I refuse to want to feel something for you

I refuse to want to be with you

I refuse to want to love you ever again

With you, my heart would only break and die.






Your face is a trickster

that beams like laser

Why don’t you show

what others need to know?

Parallel Universe

Welcome to the parallel universe
where realities are turned into dreams
where your broken heart is always healed
by the ones who actually broke it
where all your wants and needs
are met without you having to plead
where everything seems normal
when in fact you are actually just asleep.



Poem inspired by a recent conversation with someone I just met through trolling on Instagram. 🙂

I Used To…



I used to love the idea of being alone
For it helped me discover a lot of things on my own
But you came, conquered my life and showed me more
And made me experience  things I haven’t before

I used to love the idea of sleeping alone
Until you intervened  and gave me reasons to mourn
When you weren’t by my side and your arms weren’t here
To envelope my aching body and make the darkness around me disappear

I used to love the idea of loving you more
And letting you inside me even when my heart is sore
Even when you left me here to die on my own
I still believed you would come back to claim your throne

I used to love the idea of being yours
For I loved how it felt when you made my heart convulse
With so much pleasure as you traced my inner core
With your lips and your hands navigating my soul.



I Am Gonna Be Alright


432, 000 seconds, 72,000 minutes, 120 hours

in five days within 5,439 miles

I have been counting since the last time you said goodbye

My heart has been beating abnormally high

But I have been breathing just fine

Because I know I’m gonna be alright.

How foolish can people be

when they say they can’t live without you

Look at me one last time

Am I not still alive?

Don’t look at me in the eye

and think that it’s all a lie

when I say I will wait for you

You know I am gonna be alright.



I Just Want You To Stop


How many times would I need to say no

until you realize a “no” will always be a “no?”

It will no longer be a “yes”

no matter how often you confess

How many times would I need to say I am done?

My mind is tired and my heart just hit home run

I know I said I would never stop loving you

but that doesn’t mean I would always be waiting for you

You don’t throw love that easily

though you can get very busy

When your mind is working

your heart doesn’t stop remembering.



I Wish You Were Her


I love how you smile at me when you see me

You look exactly just like her

I love the way you flip your hair unconsciously

And for a moment I wish you were her

You don’t have her brown hair

the one that I have always adored

the one that flips carelessly in the air

the one that smells like cherry blossoms in the spring

You don’t have her dark hazel brown eyes

the ones that shine in the sun

the ones that my soul loses into

the ones that tell me how amazing life could be

You don’t have her lips

the one I have always craved for

that red pair of softness I so long to devour

You don’t have her skin that has always looked sun-kissed

her back that is very well defined

her heart that used to be mine

I wish you were her

And I also wish she was you

that she would love me the way you do

that she would give up her world just to be in mine

and that she would wish to wake up beside me every time

I wish your name was different to hers

because whenever I call you

It is her who I always remember.



The Survivor In Me


Eye bags, tired body

Life had been draining my energy

Caught up with work

I forgot I had a family

Friends started to wonder

how I survived every single day

I was losing weight

and my eye bags were not staying away

Should I tell them about how you were keeping me happy?

Should I let them know that although my physical body was failing me

I was healthy emotionally?

That although I looked dreary, there was a survivor in me?

Never mind, I don’t care what they say

As long as you’re always here to stay

Stay with me every night

and tell me everything will be alright.






Arms wrapped around her nakedness

She feels you weaken in the morning air

Squeezing her until you feel safe

Because you find comfort

in her pain

Eyes closed

All of your worries are gone for a while

And she pours her heart bit by bit into your hands

As you see her dive into a pool of tears

Heart beats

Rapid and slow at the same time

You are her world

and she would give up everything for you.

Pretending you don’t care

You punish her for her love

You know she is tired and will leave you at some point

Yet you hold on to her promise that she will be back

And she will

because whatever you do

and whatever she has to go through

she will keep coming back for you.