Five Non-Physical Things One Needs to Get Rid of As A Minimalist

I just disposed my no-longer-working computer today. It has served me great seven years, and I am glad I have maximized its use really well. As I type these words on my aunt’s computer, Pretty Girl is showing on the TV, and I am sitting down with a cup of decaffeinated coffee in my left hand, my legs fully covered in the long skirt my grandmother gave me earlier today. It is a long flowy skirt that covers the entire half-bottom part of my body. I could sleep in it tonight, and not need a blanket or a comforter. While half of my body is fully covered, I only have a bandeau wrapped around my chest. Isn’t it ironic? Well, I like ironic. Ironic is me. I breathe it. I live in it.

While I have been trying to decrease the amount of physical things (mostly clothes) I have, I still couldn’t refuse people when they gift me stuff I think I don’t necessarily need. I still have the loot bag full of goodies my former colleagues gave me when I left my full-time job last month. I haven’t really checked them out yet in fear of just making a clutter around my room.

I tried to write down a few things I need to get rid of today, and while I was having an existential contemplation, I realized that it wasn’t only the material things I have that I need to remove from my life. We also need to cut down on those things that are not obvious to the naked eye.

Five Non-Physical Things You Need to Get Rid Of

01 Pessimism/Negative Vibration

As a minimalist, I think that the very first thing you have to do is to keep an open mind. Hence, it is very important to get rid of all the negativities you have.

I have to admit I have been failing at this area, so I need to think more positively so I could effectively maintain a minimalist life.

02 Worries/Anxieties

The things you worry or get anxious about will only cause you stress, and when you get stressed out, you will surely not be able to carry out things you have to do.

As a very anxious person, I find this very difficult to accomplish. I do, however, try to keep a positive mind, so I know I can do this no matter how hard it is.

03 People

A friend of mine who is also a minimalist explained to me the importance of keeping some people out of your circle. While it is important to meet people, socialize and grow your network, it is also important that those who are in your circle are only those who actually matter.

Sometimes we meet people and we can’t immediately tell whether or not they’re actually who we think they are. Those people who matter are usually those who you think you can be comfortable being with, those you trust and those who trust and respect you back, those who appreciate you and accept you for who you are, and those who love you unconditionally.

04 Bad Attitude/Compulsive Behavior

The one thing that keeps us from people who have naturally good intention for us is a bad attitude and a compulsive behavior. This is because it scares away people, and you may lose the chance of meeting people who will actually serve good purpose in your life.

05 Anger

I think that staying angry at people who have done you wrong, or just being mad for no reason is useless. It will just slow you down.

To be able to get rid of this, you have to try and push yourself to forgive even when you think you will never be able to forget about it.

These are just some of the things I think are very important to focus on, and get rid of as a minimalist. Sometimes we pay more attention to physical things so much so that we overlook and forget the things that we also need to consider.

What non-physical things do you think should be added here? Let me know on the comment section below! ❤️


Fifteen Signs Your Best Friend is the Ultimate Best

There is no perfect way to be a friend. I know because I admit that I am not the most perfect friend, and I may not be the most ideal best friend to anyone.

There are moments in my life when I feel like making friends with everyone I meet, but then I get hesitant about it in fear of not being able to deliver what is expected from me.

I have been thinking about it lately. This may be one of the things that happen when you are out of work for a while. You get to have more time to think of things that didn’t concern you before.

It’s important to have lots of friends, so you will never have to worry about missing out or not being able to keep track of your social life. However, sometimes it can be a bit frustrating, especially when you cannot really distinguish who your actual friends are, and who are just keeping you for their own social benefits. Not all your acquaintances are your friends, and not all the people you call your best friends actually see you the same way. It is something I have learned the hard way.

Let’s say you have a total of 150 personal friends. These friends are the ones you met at the playground when you were younger, in school when you were studying, at work or anywhere in the globe. These are the people you have had actual human interactions with.

Let’s say you have a total of 4,000 Facebook friends, and 11,000 Instagram and Twitter followers. Ten of these people are the ones you consider your best friends, including your mom and dad.

You have the fluctuating amount of people that will ensure you a lifetime of social interaction. Out of the thousands of people you have in your life, there are only three to five people (your family not included) who treat you a bit more differently than an ordinary friend does. These people are your best friends, and it is very important that you recognize these people for keeping you on the loop.

I have to say I am very thankful that I am blessed with the bestest best friends ever. I’ve had so many people I’ve considered my best friends before but things don’t always work out, and it’s alright. Things like that happen because they let us learn and they lead us to the right path.

Fifteen Signs Your Best Friend is Actually the Ultimate Best

01 You have an extraordinary cerebrum connection.

With just one look, you already know what each of you is thinking. So many times you even say the same exact words at the same time because it seems as though your brains are connected.

02 S/he knows what you like and dislike without you having to say it.

S/he pays attention to everything you do and say, and you won’t even notice it. S/he takes mental notes of it, and remembers the things that you like and dislike.

03 S/he understands your mood swings.

Everyone has mood swings, regardless of gender. Your ultimate best friend will understand when you suddenly or randomly lash out at him/her for no reason. S/he knows when you’re just having a bad day, and s/he tries to make you feel better by distracting you and making you forget of what has been causing your moodiness.

04 S/he is as crazy as you.

If you have sporadic mood swings, s/he does, too. And just like him/her, you understand it. Sometimes s/he does and makes you do crazy things, and vice versa. It’s both his/her and your craziness that connects the two of you.

05 S/he constantly annoys you.

Your ultimate best friend is imperfect. S/he doesn’t always make you smile. Sometimes s/he also annoys and bugs you. As his/her ultimate best friend, this doesn’t really bother you at all. Even when s/he keeps distracting you or teasing you at times you don’t need it, you still smile because you know that s/he is just vying for your attention.

06 S/he could be a bit childish.

Even a mature person could be a little bit childish sometimes. When s/he feels like you are starting to forget his/her existence, s/he pretends to throw a fit and makes you feel bad for not giving him/her attention.

07 S/he pretends to be high maintenance, but s/he actually isn’t.

Sometimes s/he makes you feel like s/he is being high maintenance, but she actually isn’t. S/he knows that if you really see him/her as your best friend, s/he doesn’t need to be high maintenance. S/he doesn’t need to be constantly talking to you because s/he knows that you have other priorities, and s/he does, too.

08 S/he cares a lot about you, and knows when something is wrong.

Even when you’re not saying it, s/he could feel when something is wrong. S/he knows you very well that s/he could easily detect when something is disturbing you, or when you don’t feel okay. S/he would annoyingly ask you about it, and won’t stop until you say it.

09 S/he knows when to stay and when to leave you alone.

S/he understands that you need some space sometimes, and so s/he gives you time to think and reflect on your own. However, s/he also knows when to stay even when you insist on being alone. Sometimes s/he knows that when you ask him/her to go, you actually want him/her to stay.

10 S/he doesn’t give up on you.

No matter how many times you put him/her off, and no matter how hard you try to push him/her away, s/he still stays with you and doesn’t leave you behind. S/he knows and understands that sometimes you get depressed and anxious, and all you really need is someone who will never give up on you.

11 S/he doesn’t get insecure, and she doesn’t compete with you.

S/he knows that you and him/her have special characteristics, skills and abilities. S/he doesn’t get insecure or jealous of you, because s/he also knows s/he is special. S/he never tries to compete with you. Maybe sometimes, but it is only so you could both laugh at how crazy you both are for thinking you could compete with each other. Sometimes you will find yourselves telling each other who is better, but end up saying that no one is better than the other, and that you’re actually better together.

12 S/he supports you, and is always proud of you.

Whatever happens, s/he makes it a point to always support you. S/he tells you how happy s/he is for you when something great happens. Sometimes s/he is too proud of you that s/he cannot help but tell the world how amazing you are.

13 S/he shares everything with you for as much as she could.

It could be food, bed and every little secret s/he has. Everything she has could be yours because s/he is confident that you would do the same for him/her. S/he trusts you, and s/he would share anything for as much as s/he has it.

14 S/he sees the best in you.

At times you don’t see anything good about yourself, s/he is there to let you know how amazing you are. S/he sees the best in you, and no matter how many times you feel low, s/he will never think negatively of you.

15 S/he loves you more than you will ever know.

Even when you’re far apart, s/he makes sure that you never forget how much s/he loves you. Even when you don’t talk to each other for a while because you are both busy, when you finally get to talk, it will feel like nothing has changed. The conversation you had last week or last month would feel like it was just yesterday. Sometimes s/he forgets to tell you s/he loves you because s/he’s only human, but you know that s/he does love you, and no words are needed for you to get reminded of it.

This list is pretty subjective, and I only base it on my own experience. Like I said, there is no perfect way to be a friend or a best friend. Your best friend may not have all of these signs, but it does not make them less of a friend. It also does not mean that your best friend is the only one who does these things. Friendship and any relationships is a two-way street, and it requires the people involve to have a reciprocating and harmonious connection.

So I also came up with this:

One Sign You Are the Ultimate Best Friend to Your Ultimate Best Friend

You subconsciously exhibit all of these signs.

Something to Motivate You Today

Always focus on the positive side of life. If you keep thinking of your failures, nothing great will ever happen. You are only allowed to think of your failure once. Use that moment to get inspired to do better. ❤

Be The Amazing Person You Have Always Been


Be the amazing person you have always been. It is nice to have someone as your role model. Doing so will help you get inspired, and be motivated every single day. But the thing is, it also lets you develop the habit of comparing yourself to other people every now and then, and comparing can be too constricting.

Why compare yourself with someone, when you can just be yourself, do what you gotta do, and be who you want to be, without living under the impression that others are better than you? You are unique. You are special. You don’t have to be like anyone. Be you. Be whoever you want to be without being pressured to be like somebody.

A professor of mine once told me that once you feel low and you feel like comparing yourself with other people, you have to remember that while other people possess something better than you do, you also have something that is considered better than what the others have.

You also have to remember that the people around you are not your enemy. Your real enemy is yourself. You are the one who let other people’s actions and words get in your head. You are the one who let them affect you. Once you learn to recognize that, you will also learn how to free and let go of yourself.

I am writing this not only for everyone, but also for myself. I need to remind myself to always be who I am despite of what people tell me. I need to remember not to let others dictate what I should do, how I should act, and who I should be.

In the past, I had been hurt quite a lot of times by people whose words I used to care about. I had been told I wasn’t good enough, and that I wasn’t pretty enough just like the others. It took me a long time to realize that all the things I lack of are actually the things that make me special.

And right now, I feel blessed and thankful for who and what I am.

I am thankful for having a big, wavy hair that is even bigger than my face. Because of it, I don’t have to worry about losing hair, and I never have to actually comb my hair.

I am thankful for having a naturally-tan skin because then, I never have to worry about getting too dark under the sun because I already am, or worry about attempting to get fairer skin that will make me paler than the moon. Having pale skin is overrated.

I am thankful for being genetically skinny and tiny because then, the only thing I have to worry about is keeping my body healthy and strong.

I am thankful for being independent, for being able to freely express my thoughts, for having the chance to share what I have, and for being a free-spirit.

All of these things were actually pointed out to me as my flaws before, and I know there will always be those people who will continuously think of them as flaws. But right now, I am thankful for everything that I am because if not, no one else will (besides my parents, of course haha).

Like me, you can do this, too, but you can do it your own way. Be the amazing person you have always been.

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Thank you, Teacher!


“Thank you, teacher!”

— said Peter, my ten year-old student right after I said goodbye to him for the second time this afternoon.

I couldn’t explain the overwhelming happiness I felt when I heard him say it. It was unexpected.

It’s not every day that I get to hear this line from my students. I’ve been trying my best to be more patient with the kids. I’ve tried not to get mad or irate when they don’t seem to follow what I say. They’re kids and they also need to be understood.

When we started our class, Peter said he was happy. But when I asked him why he was happy, he couldn’t find the words to say. He was having a hard time expressing himself in spoken English.

I tried to give him options.

Did you play with your friends today? Did you go to the park? Did you eat something delicious?

Nothing. He struggled and when he couldn’t really say what he wanted to say, he decided to keep quiet. His enthusiasm also suddenly vanished.

Whatever you did on your free time today, I’m sure you had so much fun! Am I right?

I tried to cheer him up by showing enthusiasm in my tone.


There he was, happy all over again.

Isn’t it amazing when you make someone feel happy and comfortable with you? There’s nothing more satisfying and fulfilling about teaching than hearing a little kid’s appreciation. It’s very rewarding and motivating, and it makes you feel better about yourself as well.

Thank you, honey.

I said in the back of my mind. He had no idea how much his simple words of appreciation had affected my thoughts and my emotions.

You’re welcome.





The Perks of Living Away From Home


<continuation of part one>

The good thing about living alone, and being far from home is…you learn how to be happy on your own. You learn to be responsible for yourself. It’s difficult at first, but eventually, you’re gonna be used to it. There’s no one else holding your neck, and judging you for the wrong decisions you make. No one else, except people you don’t know and people who barely know you, would criticize how you dress or how you act. You can choose who to talk to, whom you want to surround yourself with, and most importantly, whom you fall in love with. You can fall for someone close. You can fall for someone thousands of miles away. Or you can just choose to fall in love with yourself.

The bad thing about living alone is the fact that you are still prone to loneliness. You may be happy most of the day, but one way or another, loneliness will find its way to get to your day and it isn’t going to be easy. I do, however, want to focus on the great things that independence and the freedom of being able to move from one place to another can give you, and I am going to base it on my own experiences.

Having an entire place to yourself.

I love being left alone in my own world. It always feels good when there’s a lot of space for you to think or not think at all.

Silence and peace of mind.

I value my me-time a lot. When I started working in Manila, my colleagues would always wonder why I like to isolate myself during dinner breaks or whenever I have a free time. I had to tell them that most of my time are spent working with people, and so I’d like my free time to be spent on my favorite things to do, like reading or listening to music while eating snacks. Living away from home in a city that I didn’t grow up in also allowed me to do the things I have been longing to do like walking in the afternoon until sundown and getting coffee at sunrise.

Being able to eat as much as you can.

Some days I want to eat healthy and so I go on a trip to the store and prepare my own food. However, there are also those days when I feel too lazy to make myself food so I opt for a trip to my favorite fast food which is rather very unhealthy. When I start eating outside, I have a hard time stopping. It can go on days and weeks until I hit my head on the wall and notice some bad changes in my body. Nonetheless, one thing I love about living alone is not having to worry what to eat and how much food I should take. When I am with my mom or with my family, I always have to worry about those things.

wpid-img_20150729_162920.jpg wpid-img_20150721_010815.jpg2015-07-16 (7) 2015-07-16 (8)

I love avocados and potatoes! And as you can see, I have the habit of mixing both healthy and unhealthy food in my meals.

Being able to host your own BBQ Party!

Oh how much I love BBQ nights. My mom actually hosts the best BBQ parties ever, and I have been trying to imitate her. However, every time I plan my own BBQ party, no one shows up. *cries* I only have a few friends in Manila, and I don’t really invite all of them over. I am pretty much selective. Also, ever since I have moved to a smaller and simpler place, I stopped inviting people as I don’t like it when they complain about how my place looks like. 😀

Oh the presentation! 🙂

Being able to do whatever you want.

I can be lazy the whole day during the weekends if I want to. I can always have a Sleep-all-day Day or I can choose to be more productive whenever I want. I can choose not to take a shower the entire weekend, too, since no one is around to see how awful I can smell. 😛 I can watch my favorite shows the entire day or stay up all night. I can dye my hair purple or drink four cups of coffee without asking someone’s approval.  I can do basically anything.


Wearing anything you want without the prying eyes.

My friends joke that some days, I look so respectable and some days, I don’t. I like “wearing what I feel.” My outfits depend on my mood and my feelings. This is also what my mom can’t stand sometimes. She doesn’t like it when I wear black all the time, and since I live thousands of miles away from her, I don’t have to worry about it. I can wear whatever I want for as long as I won’t feel uncomfortable.

Photo from je.suis.diana 

However, sometimes, my mom still critics my clothes. Like one time, she saw me posting the photo collage on the right (above), and she sent me a message questioning my morals. LMAO

Being able to travel wherever you want without any restriction.

For almost a decade that I have been living by myself. I have already been to so many places and my parents never knew most of this travels. It’s not because I don’t really want to tell them because they might hinder me, but it’s mostly because I don’t want them to be constantly worried.

2015-09-07 (30)94f87-10979672_1425765957723117_220528700_n

Being able to have sleepover with friends whenever!

I love having sleepovers! It’s always fun to spend the night with your friends. When I came back to Hong Kong in March, I chose to stay at my best friend’s place instead of staying at my mom’s. My mom has these strict rules that when you stay at her place, you have to adhere to them. She knows how much I hate rules, so she allowed me to have a five-night sleepover with my bestie. 🙂

wpid-20150312_120524.jpg 10844236_325832467610339_369265349_n

Not having to worry about anything or anyone but yourself, but also, not forgetting to be responsible for yourself.

I never have to worry about anyone but myself. When you live with someone, you have to to consider what that person likes and dislikes. You have to be more considerate and compassionate. But when you live alone, you can choose not eat the whole day as long as you’re not hungry (a bad habit of mine) and just lay in bed and sleep.

I like to have fun on Friday nights or on weekends, and so I never have to worry if I get home a bit inebriated or if I am home alone getting high. The egg below is a manifestation of myself getting high. The poor guy lived in my fridge for weeks. Haha!


Well, there you go! What do you think of these things? Do you enjoy living alone as well or at least like…the idea of it? Have you ever been away from your family?





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One hand? Or Two Hands?


A few days ago, I was talking to my student Eric about his day. He was very perky as usual, and he was telling me about the show he watched earlier that day.

“What show was it?”



“Yes! Sooooooo-baaaaaa-iiiiiii-buhhhhhhhh!”

He is eleven years old, and he still has some problems pronouncing words with /b/ and /v/ sounds as well as words with /r/ sounds.

A day after that, his brother, Tom, was also in my class. He is a year younger than Eric, but he is as vivacious as his brother.

“Look at your hands. How many fingers do you have?”

He began to count.

“One…two…three…four…five…FIVE FINGERS!!!” He excitedly answered.

“What??? You only have five fingers???” I jokingly asked.

“Oh no! My other hand is gone!”

Days after that, when I asked the same question, he had another response.

“Teacher, one hand? Or two hands?”




Nooooooooo, Teacher!

Have you ever heard an adult mispronounce a word and you’re just like…”Uhh???” And then you’re gonna be like…”Hmmmm…” It’s not going to end well especially when you’re a b++++y linguist or a grammar Nazi who wants everything to be perfect. But what if you hear a little kid who looks like an angel or a baby mispronouncing his/her words? I bet you’d go…”Awwwwww” in an instant looking like someone who just got out of somewhere. 😛

Since my students are still young and they are just beginning to learn English as their second language, it is very inevitable for them to mispronounce a lot of words. For some people, it could be very frustrating to make kids repeat words over and over again until they get the right pronunciation of it.

For me, it has been an enjoyable ride so far. I find it so funny when the kids mispronounce their words. They really try hard to perfect it. They even mimic how I sound when they repeat the words.

I decided to make a list of the words they often mispronounce.

The /L/ and /R/ Confusion. 

Most of the time, they interchange the two letter sounds.

😀 Walk – WORK

😀 Work – WALK

😀 School – SKOOR

😀 People – PEE-POHR

😀 Rule – LOOR

😀 Pen pal – PEN-PARR

The /B/ and /V/ Confusion.

😀 Volleyball – BAH-LI-BOHRR

😀 Vegetable – BEHJ-TUH-BOHRR

The /P/ and /F/ Confusion.

😀 Football – POOT-BOHRR

😀 Family – PEH-MEE-LEE

😀 Gift – GIPT

The /Z/ and /J/ Confusion.

😀 Zoo – JEW

😀 Zipper – JEE-PERR

😀 Brazil – BRUH-JEEL

The Theta Sound.

😀 Theater – TEE-YEH-TH-ER

😀 Thanksgiving – TENGKS-GI-BEENG

The Extended Vowels/Tail Sounds.

😀 Fish – FISH-EE

😀 Art – ART-UH

The Death of /W/.

😀 Woman – OOH-MAHN

😀 Wood – OOHD

They even mispronounce their names.

😀 Vivien – BEE-BIEN

😀 Stacy – STACKY

😀 Nancy – NAN-KEY

😀 Lucy – LUCKY

😀 Tracy – TRACKY


😀 Vietnam – VITAMIN

😀 Gravity – GREY-VI-TEE

😀 Spacesuit – SPACE-SHOOT

Sometimes they also give up when they don’t get it right even after trying it so many times. So they just do what they want, and say the words the way they interpret them. Sometimes there are even some of them who would say, “No” the way an exhausted teacher like me would say “F*** it, I’m done” on a busy day. 😀

But when you’re a teacher, you don’t give up on them even when you reach the point where they get super annoyed and irritated by you, or that moment when they are already screaming the words out or kicking their computers (like my Song Eun :D) because the Universe is clearly soooooo against them.

The Five Peso Coin

The New Five Philippine Peso Coins (Released 2015)
The New Five Philippine Peso Coins (Released 2015)

I was a spoiled brat when I was younger and I wanted everything I liked to be given to me right away. When I wanted to do something, I just did it without asking permission from anyone, not even my parents.

I cut my bangs up to my hair roots because I hated it. I had my hair permanently curled by my neighbor who was a hair stylist without telling my dad. I swore at my grandpa a million times every day. I hit my baby cousin with an umbrella because he didn’t want to share his chocolates. I threw a pair of scissors right into my classmate’s face and stabbed my other classmate with a peg because they didn’t want to do my homework. I volunteered to prepare the food my baby cousin and I were supposed to share so I would always have the bigger portion.

I was definitely a bitchy kid. I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it. And so when I was five, my dad did something I would never ever forget.

One day, I wanted my dad to buy me a box of Smarties before I went to school. He didn’t want to, and I cried so hard. I didn’t want to go to school anymore. I went back to my room, tore my school uniform and changed into my jumper. I sat at the end of the bed, frowning with my arms crossed.

I remember how annoyed my dad was. He didn’t know how to deal with me. He was the only one taking care of me since my mom wasn’t with us when I was young. He was so frustrated as I was giving him deadly looks while my tears silently ran down my face.

He left my room and came back minutes after with a five peso coin in his right hand. He handed me the coin and told me I could buy anything I wanted with it. A five peso coin cost a lot of things at that time, so I was very happy. I quickly changed back to my school uniform and went to school.

During break time, I was so excited to go to the store to buy snacks. I got everything I wanted and went to the counter. When I handed the coin my dad gave me, the lady looked at me like she just saw a ghost.

“Honey, you can’t spend this coin now. It doesn’t have any value.”

“What? My dad gave it to me! I want those chocolates now!”

“You can’t have them. I am sorry.”

And then I started crying on the floor until the lady gave the chocolates for free. I went back to school and thought about how my dad had fooled and played me. When I came home that day, I didn’t want to talk to him. I went straight to bed without even taking a shower. He came to my room and I just pretended I was already asleep. He kissed my forehead and whispered,

“I am sorry baby, you can’t always get what you want.”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brilliant Disguise.”

(C) Diana Marcos 2015.

If You’re Happy and You Know It

Before I go to work every day, I always try to find and think of something that makes me happy. I have heard some of the people I know tell me, “you don’t need to have a reason to be happy.” Well, for me, it’s not a need…but it is more like a want. I want to have something that reminds me how happy I could be.

Teaching kids is like a roller coaster ride. There are times when all of the kids I teach are being so cute and adorable, but there are also some times when most of them are so annoying I just wanna take a long, long break and be away from them for a while.

Yesterday was one of those bad days. I never knew I could be so patient with kids, but it took me lots of self control just to keep myself from raising my voice at them.

Despite the crazy, uncontrollable ones I had to deal with yesterday, there was this little girl named Eunice who made my day. It was just a shame that I only realized how happy I could have been if I just took a deep, deep breath and looked at the brighter side. Yesterday was definitely not my day, but Eunice still found a way to make me feel better.

What did she do? She talked to me in a very cheerful and enthusiastic tone. She told me how happy she was and volunteered to sing the chorus of the song “Happy” for me. I wish I could let you listen to her sing. She had a very lovely voice and I found myself clapping and cheering for her while she sang.

It is really inevitable to get so irritated at things and at other people sometimes, but it is true that there will always be something that would make you feel a whole lot better. And sometimes, it is the little things that could make your day. We just really need to slow down once in a while and look at things differently.

(C) Diana Marcos 2015.

Friendship: A Ten Year Old’s Perspective

A very important advice from one of my students about friendship today:

There has many prendship’s lur (*friendship’s rule):

1. Lespect each other (*respect each other)

2. Understanding each other (understand each other)

3. Do not sherpishy each other (do not be *selfish)

4. Listening to each other (*listen to each other)

5. Shering, kerring and herping each other (*share, care for and help each other)

6. Don’t tork behind the one’s back each other ( do not *talk behind each other’s back)

I hope you all get what he was trying to say. He’s very young and he’s just starting to learn English. He’s still bulol (a Tagalog word used to describe someone with defective speech). His sentences are disorganized and funny, but his vocabulary is good and everything he said makes a lot of sense.

What do you think?

Hello, How Are You?

When you’re a teacher, there’s nothing better than to hear your student say s/he’s happy because you are happy. It’s not every day that I receive a sweet message and a compliment from my students, and it really makes me feel happy and appreciated when I get one. I feel like I have not been doing well in my classes lately because I have been moody and irate towards my students. I have found myself getting mad several times when my students forgot their books, or when they cannot answer questions and follow simple instructions. 

Last week, I tried my best to make my classes fun and interesting. I did well, but I think I am better this week. I had a wonderful conversation with one of my students yesterday and it started like this…

Me: Hello, how are you, Sally?

Sally: I’m fine, thank you.

Me: You’re welcome. Did you do anything fun today?

Sally: No, but you are very happy and I am then happy. *my students are young and they are just starting to learn English so they’re not very good at it yet*

Me: Really? *laughs* Well, I am happier now because you said that. You are very sweet, honey. I hope that you will always be like that.

Sally: I think you are very friendly.

Me: Really? You also sound friendly.

Sally: Because my day was not very good but we have a talk, and then you are friendly, your mmm, you are very happy so I’m happy.

Me: I hope that you will always be happy. I think you felt happy when you heard my happy voice. It’s amazing how others can affect your feelings sometimes. So continue influencing other people’s feelings in a good way, okay?

Sally: Thank you, teacher.

Ever since I had that conversation with my student, Sally, I felt so motivated and inspired to do my best to make all of my students happy. I remember myself thinking about quitting my job and just focusing on my writing stints two weeks ago. But now, I’ve changed my mind (again) because of the kids I talk to every day.

I like talking to my students not only because I like kids very much, but also because their thoughts and actions give me a different perspective in life. All the little things they do make me value the simplest things I have. And I’m still not ready to give up on these opportunities.

So at the moment, I am just happy receiving and spreading happiness. ❤

Summer Love

“We can’t possibly have a summer love. So many people have tried that the name’s become proverbial. Summer is only the unfulfilled promise of spring, a charlatan in place of the warm balmy nights I dream of in April. It’s a sad season of life without growth…It has no day.” 
― F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise 

What/Who Do You Wake Up For?

“Who do you wake up for?” said the ad on the TV this morning. I closed my eyes and my lips slowly curved their way up. It never left since then. I am still wearing it right now. Somewhere deep in my heart, I already know the answer.

I have a very special student, and his name is Mason. He cannot express himself very well, but he’s very talkative. Whenever I talk to him, he would always tell me to smile first. It’s not much, but it moves me every time he does it. He is not the only one. There are also some of them who even do or tell something that always put a smile on my face, something that makes me want to say that this is what I want to do, not for the rest of my life, but right now.

Cries. Screams. Mood swings. Clutters. Food crumbs. Smelly feet. These things do not reflect a very good environment, but mind you, these are nothing compared to the smiles, the love, care, concern and gratitude that I get from my little angels. These are what I wake up for every day. I wake up for the little kids I talk to every day. I wake up for their smiles that give me more happiness than I could ever have. I wake up for the lessons I also learn while teaching them, and for the love I also get from them.

On Waiting

HorizontalBar_1“You’ll find another.’
God! Banish the thought. Why don’t you tell me that ‘if the girl had been worth having she’d have waited for you’? No, sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

What  would happen if you keep waiting? …if you keep hoping that he would come around, and do everything he could to reach out to you? What if you are just waiting for nothing? You are a beautiful person with a kind and caring heart. You deserve someone better…someone who would appreciate you and someone who would do anything just to keep you.