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Hello, there!

Welcome to my blog!


Normally, you would see or hear people talk about their love for coffee and pies or cupcakes, but have you ever heard or seen people talk about how great toast and tea could be when you have them together?

Toast&Tea was originally made as my outlet. I loved writing poems and short fiction stories. Right now, my love for it kind of simmered down. I am now more focused on writing content that will provide more value not only to me but also to other people.

Hence, this blog is now for people who are lost like I used to. This is for people who do not know what to do. This is for people who are seeking for help…for people who want to be understood…for people who want to know if someone is out there…if someone is experiencing the same thing as them.

I want to share my life lessons, my experiences, as well as my lifehacks to people. I hope that I will be able to achieve that through this platform. Thank you for reading!

Please contact Diana at diana@toastandtea.me for inquiries.