You Want Your Own Presets? I Will Help You Build Something Your Heart Really Wants

I am going to keep this story short and sweet. I woke up one morning to a hundred Instagram direct messages from different people who are eager to know how I edit my photos and how I make them look and feel the same. I can tell you what I do and what I use, but unfortunately, I cannot tell you how I do my own presets or show you exactly my special secret ingredients.

If you’ve been on Instagram and other social media platforms for a while now, you have probably already figured out that most Instagram users apply filters and edit on various photo editing apps as well as Lightroom. The latter is very evident on Instagram influencers’ pages.

As of today, the amount of influencers using Lightroom presets is unimaginable. Most of them have even started selling it online for those who want their content to look like theirs. While I am amazed by this concept and I admire those people who are able to use their skills and talents on creating a lucrative business, I am the kind of person who is always aching for uniqueness and originality.

Most oftentimes, we want something because we have seen it somewhere. We want what others have especially when we see how those things make them happy. And sometimes we want what we cannot have.

Yesterday, I had the chance to interact and listen to a couple of successful interior designers both from Hong Kong and Manila and learned so much about how you can stick to your own craft and maintain your own style but at the same time knowing and understanding what other people want and how you can incorporate your creativity into theirs.

Having to talk about designs and marketing, it made me think and contemplate what I [enjoy to] do for a living. Currently, I am a digital media strategist and business development manager who help businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry combat OTAs and other business disruptors by building their presence online and ultimately improving their ROI.

Behind this main responsibility is a series of more responsibilities that I do which include designing and developing websites, newsletters, flyers/brochures/company profiles, content templates, as well as creating presets. I have always wanted myself to be unique and special so when I work on these things, I always ask myself and think about what’s not there yet. What is there that others haven’t done yet? How am I going to do that in this world full of constant replication, imitation, reproduction and massive distribution?

What if I create something for you and make sure that you feel the ownership? I am going to start by creating presets specially designed for you. Why pay for expensive presets that other people have already been using when you can let me customize one that your heart really wants? And apart from customizing it for you, I will also show you how it is done so you can do it yourself in the future. All you have to do is talk to me, tell me what you want to do with your content, allow me to get a clear and better understanding of how you visualize your content and your general aesthetics, and we can both work on it together.


“Never design in isolation.” This is the most important lesson I have learned recently and I hope that this simple line will also have the power to colonize your creative psyche. If you want to talk about this with me more, feel free to reach out to me at or You can also find me on Instagram at


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