The Only Magic You Need to Believe In


One time in your life, you will fall in love with someone who isn’t designed to love you back the way you want him to. Maybe, that person will stay for a while. Maybe, he will stay in your life. Maybe, he will love you but not exactly reciprocate how you feel at the same level. Maybe, he will stay just to mess up with your life a little bit, or if not, tremendously.

And when that person leaves you, everything would feel so unreal. Everything would hurt, and your heart would break every time you find pieces of memories you have had with that person. It would feel like it is the most devastating thing that has ever happened to you. You would never feel more alone than ever until you get tired of feeling anything at all.

And then one day, when you stop seeking love and looking for comfort, someone will come to you like a hurricane and become your life’s thunder. This person is the one you have never expected to come, yet he will.

Once again, your life would turn upside down and inside out, and even when you tell yourself not to fall that easily for the nth time, you still would because no matter how many times your heart has been broken in the past, when your heart feels loved, it can’t help itself but to love back. No matter how cold it has been when it feels something, all the ice that covers it would slowly melt away.

Because that is what love is when you feel it is real…

…everything becomes magical.

You’d see the magic even without opening your eyes.

You’d feel it without moving your hands.

You’d hear it without actually listening to it.

You’d have a taste of it, and you…

You would love it.

You would love the magic you see when you look in that person’s eyes.

You would love how it feels when either your palms or your bodies collide.

And you wouldn’t trade it for anything. Not even a previous numerous heartbreaks would stop you from chasing that magic.

But don’t you forget that you…

…my love, is also PURE MAGIC and that is why that person would come into your life in the first place.

I am not sure when exactly I am going to find romantic love again. But I know, deep inside me, that I haven’t lost the love that is magic.

Every day, I choose to love as many people as I could — my mom, my sister, my grandparents, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my cousins’ children, my best friends, my best friends’ parents, my best friends’ siblings, my other trusted friends and the guy I liked since five years ago (we’re friends) who I asked to create me a Spotify playlist last night and sent me one he already created before (lame)…

I’ll never lose that kind of love I give to these important people because that’s the only genuine thing that holds me close to life right now… My love for them is magic…and it is the only kind of magic I believe in.


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3 thoughts on “The Only Magic You Need to Believe In

  1. I love this! Sometimes, we seek romantic love so much but love is all around us (including inside ourselves). There’s so much beauty and love in this world too. Thanks for this post, Diana! 🙂


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