My 2018 Update: Work + Travels

I welcomed my 2018 in Hong Kong with my family and friends, and I could say it was a great start. Right after the New Year, however, I had to say goodbye and went back to Manila, which is currently my base. The first two months of my 2018 were full of adventures. I was too busy working and having fun so much so that I completely forgot I had a blog. I felt bad when I realized I hadn’t written and published anything since the second week of January especially knowing that I promised my readers I would publish posts more often this year.

Apparently, I was already failing at that goal of mine and was breaking my promises. But you gotta cut me some slacks as this has been the only time in my life wherein I am enjoying every little thing I am doing and cherishing every single moment I am breathing.


I am on the plane flying to Ho Chi Minh as I am writing this post. It’s gonna be my first time in this city and I am so excited to explore different spots in Vietnam. I’ll be in Nha Trang for three days and will be in Da Nang after that for five days. While staying in Da Nang, my friend Chelle (who I’ll be meeting once I land in HCM) also plan to go to Hoi An. After Da Nang, we will travel back to HCM and stay there for two more days until I fly back to Manila.

I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to do this: work and travel at the same time. As I was talking to my mom on the phone earlier, she told me she’d still get confused and wouldn’t know what to say when people would ask her what I do for a living. I laughed at her and had to explain it to her for the nth time.


I am a digital media strategist and a business development manager for a digital advertising company called TravellerPX. We work with independent luxury hotels by providing them a platform that helps them manage their businesses and helping them improve their online presence. I do all of my work online which means I work remotely. Working remotely means I can work anywhere, any time, depending on my preference. Some days I would just stay at home in my pyjama and work from my bed. But most days, I would either travel to a new place or go to a coffee shop where I can get a good Wi-Fi connection and work from there.


I am so lucky to be able to travel for work. My company is based in Perth but my boss would often travel to South East Asia for business and oftentimes, I would also get included in the travels. I had traveled to Singapore and Bangkok for work and last month, I also had the opportunity to travel to Japan. My trips have always been paid for by my company which makes me feel so blessed as I am able to save up money for my non-work related travels.


In Mid January, I had to fly to Tokyo and then to Sapporo. I stayed in one of the hotels I manage, which is called Shiki Niseko. Shiki Niseko is located in one of the popular ski resorts in Hokkaido called Niseko. I was so happy to be able to work there even for just two weeks. I had so much fun visiting restaurants and bars and collaborating with shops and studios in Niseko. And of course, I enjoyed snowboarding so much! I loved the snow. I loved the powder! Snowboarding made me feel like floating in the air. Remembering this now makes me wish I was still Niseko! I loved it there! I didn’t want to leave. 😦


(More about my Niseko experience in the next blog posts)

After my Niseko work trip (you can see videos of it on my Instagram), I flew back to Tokyo and was there for a short while. Then, I flew back to Manila on the first week of February and waited for my next trip (this trip). Now, I am on my third International travel and it’s only February!


I am so happy that my 2018 has started out so well and is still going great. Next month, after my Vietnam trip, I will be flying back home to Hong Kong to see my mom and my best friends. It will also be my birth month. I always try my best to be with my family on my birthday so even though I always dread getting another year older, I am excited to celebrate with the people close to my heart.

That’s all for now. I can’t wait to land in the city of Pho Ga and drink buckets of Vietnamese coffeeee! I’ll update you again soon! Thanks for reading and for sticking with me! ❤



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