A Letter to Myself and to Everyone Out There


Dear you!

You are my lover, my friend, my family. You are myself, and you are my everything. When everyone else leaves, you are all I have left.

It breaks my heart to see how much you have been struggling with work and your relationship with people lately. I know how hard it could be to be in your shoes, and what gives me more pain is the fact that you think no one can be there for you when you need someone to talk to; and it is sad to know how often you give in to your anxiety every single time..

But this I say to you…

You will be okay.

I believe in your abilities to make yourself feel better on your own. You have lived through the years and you get by every day. I know sometimes you feel like ending all of your problems permanently, but you still choose to live and to love yourself every single day. That is just one proof of how strong you are.

You are strong. You will get through anything.

I know you often think no one will ever love you truthfully. I beg to disagree. Even right from the start, you already have many people adoring and loving you even from afar. I know you think that you would rather be alone than having people around you make you feel isolated.

Do not be scared to burn bridges. Do not be afraid of letting people go. Not everyone you love actually deserves your love; and no matter what negative things they say about you, I want you to stand your ground, and always think of your happiness first. You are allowed to give up on others just as long as you do not give up on yourself.

Do not settle for anyone who makes you question your morals, your values, especially your worth. You know your worth, and you know what makes you genuinely happy. Do not ever compromise your worth and happiness for anyone.

I know, for sure, that one day, someone will come along. S/he will make you feel the love you have been longing to have all over again. Don’t ever hold yourself back the way you did before. Just because you have failed in love so many times in the past doesn’t mean you can never allow yourself to fall again. Just because you have been hurt doesn’t mean you will experience the same exact pain you had.

I want you to never let anyone, not even the people you love the most, affect you so much that you lose control of yourself. Do not let people, the Church and the entire society dictate who you are and who you should be. You have lived without asking major help from anyone because you have always been responsible for yourself. You know what is right and what is wrong.

I know that you commit mistakes and that is inevitable. You are just a human, after all. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop feeling like all you do is wrong. Remember the lessons you always learn from committing your mistakes, and never regret the things you actually wanted to do.

I want you to always fight for what you think is right. Never complain without figuring out whether or not you are in the right position to do so. I want you to open your heart and listen to the people around you without immediately judging them. I want you to be critical all the time without taking away other people’s rights to defend themselves.

I want you to keep being strong, to keep living, to keep doing what you love to do. You are still young, and there are still lots of good things out there waiting for you to notice.

I want you to smile. I want you to give love without asking it back. I want your heart to remain pure.

You will be okay.

You are strong. You will get through anything.


DP (1)





52 thoughts on “A Letter to Myself and to Everyone Out There

  1. Great words- needed to hear this- am struggling with feelings of letting a dear cat go to the outside world and perhaps his death and tying him up inside in unhappiness. I needed to hear these words.

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    1. I am so sorry you’ve been experiencing that. I have to admit I love cats very much, too, and I know how painful and heartbreaking it is to lose one you have come to love so much for a long time. I hope you hold on and always think positive. Your baby is at peace now. ❤

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      1. Well, I’ve always got an emergency hug to spare for most huggable global villagers like you — feel free to have two or more then, if you like 😊 🚨🐬🌻🍀🌠


  2. Diana, this is so beautiful and with such wisdom. It spoke to me in so many ways. I will reblog this beautiful post!

    Continued Love, Light and Blessings, Emma

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  3. The most important thing I heard – “Do not be scared to burn bridges. Do not be afraid of letting people go. Not everyone you love actually deserves your love; and no matter what negative things they say about you, I want you to stand your ground, and always think of your happiness first. You are allowed to give up on others just as long as you do not give up on yourself.” Walking away can feel like a personal failure to create a mutual understanding. It has to be okay if the people we leave don’t see the same truth that we do. Thank you. Debra

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    1. Thank you so much, Debra, and I couldn’t agree more with what you said. As they say, sometimes holding on does more damage than actually letting go. I hope you’re well! ❤


      1. I was thinking the same about you, sweetness! It has been a busy couple of days with my boss visiting. But, I can get a little breather today. We are expecting our first snowstorm this weekend so I got to do food shopping later today. Stock up on pickles! 🙂 Have a great day!

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          1. Dear Diana, you liking my About me page made me to go check it out and helas the links were broken etc. I thus fixed those and just want to thank you for being the catalyst here. You know 2016 I made my year of gratitude, not that am an ungrateful one, but just that this year am bent on finding gratification even in the most ackward of scenarios 🙂 ( hope this makes some sense, and well I also plan on saying and showing gratitude over and above the top )

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          2. Hehe! I actually checked two blogs owned by you. The one with your own domain name, and the one where you reblogged this post. I’ve been enjoying reading your posts so far, and I am just so happy we stumbled upon each other in here. I hope you don’t stop inspiring! ❤

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          3. Di, if you love reading and you want to know more about my world, my thrilling life, you know something from this “dark continent”: Check out all my books on the amazon which are free until tomorrow 🙂


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