Senses XVI: Wanted


I woke up this morning
to find the bruises you left
still stamped on my knees —
a mark of your nonexistent love
a proof of my demise
I remembered the way
your hands landed on my hips
I wanted you to touch me
in places no one
had ever touched before,
I wanted you to lay me
on my back —
to conquer not only my thoughts
my heart, my soul,
but my entire body
I wanted to belong
in your arms,
for you to own me not only for a night
but until the last star in the sky
stopped flickering,
I wanted you to whisper my name
while your heart beat
slower and faster
at the same exact time
I wanted you to tell me
I was your only one
and that you weren’t going to let me go
even until my last sunrise
I remembered how
you didn’t have to wipe my tears
that night I gave in to my emotions
the way you held me
close to your chest
and the way you safeguard my body
was enough to keep my heart warm
I wanted to learn from you
to get to know you
by just tracing
your well-sculpted body
with my tiny hands
I wanted to make love
with the way you think
the way you talk
and the way you make me fall
into the abyss of your charm
I wanted you to greet me
in the morning with a smile,
to laugh with me
while I felt embarrassed about
what has transpired the other night
I wanted you to tell me
I was beautiful even with my hair
scattered all over your face
— to let me know
that you had fallen
not only for what your eyes could see
but also for my entirety
And despite my cry of disappointment
I still wanted you,
and I would do you
in my dreams
in my reality
over and over again.


DP (1)




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