Magically in Love


I can never count the many times you have made me feel better, not only about myself, but about everything. My fingers and toes aren’t enough to determine how many times you have done your best to motivate and inspire me to be the better version of me. The stars in the sky will never be enough to measure how much thankful I am to have you in my life.


You are the best.

You are amazingly the coolest breathing biology I have ever come across with.

You are by far the most achingly beautiful creature in my universe — my entire universe.

You have no idea how much you affect every vein in my body.

You make everything so magical.

I will forever be thankful for just the thought of your existence.


You make me better.

You are good for my soul.

I do not remember doing anything good or right in the past that has made me worthy of being with you and having you in my life. Maybe…I have just been through a lot of painful things in the past that the Gods and Goddesses above have finally heeded my call, and listened to my prayers that one day, something or someone would magically appear, and take me away from the mud I’ve long been submerged in.


You are my calling.

You are my prayer.

You are the magic that came into my life.

I will forever keep you in my heart, and I will cherish every moment I get to spend with you. No oceans will ever be deeper than what I feel for you. The moon will never be far enough for me to jump on just to get near you. No hurricanes will ever make me let go of your hand, and I will hug you even more tightly than I always do just to make sure you will never be out of my sight.

And I…

I would rather look into your hazel brown eyes, and lose myself in them than watch the fireworks in the sky on New Year’s Eve, because this is what happens when I am magically in love with you. I tend to forget everything, and just be thankful that I’ve got you. ❤


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