Fantastic You and I


He said, “Write anything under the sun. Write about your hopes and dreams.” I said, “I do. I always write about you.”


We are a team —
You and I.

I wish not to ever leave your side.
I wish not to be kicked out of your life.

I wish to be the only person who get to see your everyday smile.
And I wish to be the one holding your hand every single time.

And if you ever leave,
worry not about me my love,
for you are
and you will always be
stuck in my mind.

In every single second
you are not around,
I keep you in the
innermost part of my heart
guarded by rose thorns
and secured with my undying love.

And if you ever come to me,
I wish not to see the lines
on your forehead forever stuck,
I wish not to see your brows
all lined up in just one direction,
and that the only line I will ever get to see
is the upward curve of your lips
while you stare into my eyes
and melt my heart and soul at the same time.

And we will be happy
For you are my fantastic love,
and I am yours —

We are fantastic, You and I.






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