Cloudy With A Chance of You and Me


He said, “Write anything under the sun. Write about your hopes and dreams.” I said, “I do. I always write about you.”


I wonder what I would do

When you and I are no longer two

Would I still be writing about you?

I don’t have a clue

But here is something I know that is true

I would not stop thinking of you

When the clouds are grey or when the sky is blue

I would be in bed dreaming of you

When the rain is falling heavily

or when the sun is smiling at me

I’d be standing by the door with a cup of tea

hoping for another chance of you and me




20 thoughts on “Cloudy With A Chance of You and Me

  1. Cheese? HAHA! Not corn? Joke! I like it. I imagined the world all black and white and grey, and you looking out the window holding that cup of tea in your hands as rain begins to pour down. 😀 *throws a bucket full of likes at you*

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    1. Haha! Thank you my dear! I love how you imagined it. It seems as though our creative minds are connected. We could have a cup of tea or coffee one time and talk about it. Come see us soon! 🙂

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          1. I was about to log out but then “the site is under maintenance” showed up. There is something wrong with the chat box as well. I think that was one of the issues they addressed.
            As for poems, I think that talent left me..or maybe just in hiding. I don’t know. Been too long since I’ve really written something of substance aside from nurse’s charts. Life got in the way. HEHE


  2. I just tossed you my bucket of likes! I have an emoticon plant that drips smiley faces. When I got back from my trip, the bucket overflowed, and they were bouncing all over the floor!!! How’s that for an image!

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