The Perks of Living Away From Home


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The good thing about living alone, and being far from home is…you learn how to be happy on your own. You learn to be responsible for yourself. It’s difficult at first, but eventually, you’re gonna be used to it. There’s no one else holding your neck, and judging you for the wrong decisions you make. No one else, except people you don’t know and people who barely know you, would criticize how you dress or how you act. You can choose who to talk to, whom you want to surround yourself with, and most importantly, whom you fall in love with. You can fall for someone close. You can fall for someone thousands of miles away. Or you can just choose to fall in love with yourself.

The bad thing about living alone is the fact that you are still prone to loneliness. You may be happy most of the day, but one way or another, loneliness will find its way to get to your day and it isn’t going to be easy. I do, however, want to focus on the great things that independence and the freedom of being able to move from one place to another can give you, and I am going to base it on my own experiences.

Having an entire place to yourself.

I love being left alone in my own world. It always feels good when there’s a lot of space for you to think or not think at all.

Silence and peace of mind.

I value my me-time a lot. When I started working in Manila, my colleagues would always wonder why I like to isolate myself during dinner breaks or whenever I have a free time. I had to tell them that most of my time are spent working with people, and so I’d like my free time to be spent on my favorite things to do, like reading or listening to music while eating snacks. Living away from home in a city that I didn’t grow up in also allowed me to do the things I have been longing to do like walking in the afternoon until sundown and getting coffee at sunrise.

Being able to eat as much as you can.

Some days I want to eat healthy and so I go on a trip to the store and prepare my own food. However, there are also those days when I feel too lazy to make myself food so I opt for a trip to my favorite fast food which is rather very unhealthy. When I start eating outside, I have a hard time stopping. It can go on days and weeks until I hit my head on the wall and notice some bad changes in my body. Nonetheless, one thing I love about living alone is not having to worry what to eat and how much food I should take. When I am with my mom or with my family, I always have to worry about those things.

wpid-img_20150729_162920.jpg wpid-img_20150721_010815.jpg2015-07-16 (7) 2015-07-16 (8)

I love avocados and potatoes! And as you can see, I have the habit of mixing both healthy and unhealthy food in my meals.

Being able to host your own BBQ Party!

Oh how much I love BBQ nights. My mom actually hosts the best BBQ parties ever, and I have been trying to imitate her. However, every time I plan my own BBQ party, no one shows up. *cries* I only have a few friends in Manila, and I don’t really invite all of them over. I am pretty much selective. Also, ever since I have moved to a smaller and simpler place, I stopped inviting people as I don’t like it when they complain about how my place looks like. 😀

Oh the presentation! 🙂

Being able to do whatever you want.

I can be lazy the whole day during the weekends if I want to. I can always have a Sleep-all-day Day or I can choose to be more productive whenever I want. I can choose not to take a shower the entire weekend, too, since no one is around to see how awful I can smell. 😛 I can watch my favorite shows the entire day or stay up all night. I can dye my hair purple or drink four cups of coffee without asking someone’s approval.  I can do basically anything.


Wearing anything you want without the prying eyes.

My friends joke that some days, I look so respectable and some days, I don’t. I like “wearing what I feel.” My outfits depend on my mood and my feelings. This is also what my mom can’t stand sometimes. She doesn’t like it when I wear black all the time, and since I live thousands of miles away from her, I don’t have to worry about it. I can wear whatever I want for as long as I won’t feel uncomfortable.

Photo from je.suis.diana 

However, sometimes, my mom still critics my clothes. Like one time, she saw me posting the photo collage on the right (above), and she sent me a message questioning my morals. LMAO

Being able to travel wherever you want without any restriction.

For almost a decade that I have been living by myself. I have already been to so many places and my parents never knew most of this travels. It’s not because I don’t really want to tell them because they might hinder me, but it’s mostly because I don’t want them to be constantly worried.

2015-09-07 (30)94f87-10979672_1425765957723117_220528700_n

Being able to have sleepover with friends whenever!

I love having sleepovers! It’s always fun to spend the night with your friends. When I came back to Hong Kong in March, I chose to stay at my best friend’s place instead of staying at my mom’s. My mom has these strict rules that when you stay at her place, you have to adhere to them. She knows how much I hate rules, so she allowed me to have a five-night sleepover with my bestie. 🙂

wpid-20150312_120524.jpg 10844236_325832467610339_369265349_n

Not having to worry about anything or anyone but yourself, but also, not forgetting to be responsible for yourself.

I never have to worry about anyone but myself. When you live with someone, you have to to consider what that person likes and dislikes. You have to be more considerate and compassionate. But when you live alone, you can choose not eat the whole day as long as you’re not hungry (a bad habit of mine) and just lay in bed and sleep.

I like to have fun on Friday nights or on weekends, and so I never have to worry if I get home a bit inebriated or if I am home alone getting high. The egg below is a manifestation of myself getting high. The poor guy lived in my fridge for weeks. Haha!


Well, there you go! What do you think of these things? Do you enjoy living alone as well or at least like…the idea of it? Have you ever been away from your family?





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22 thoughts on “The Perks of Living Away From Home

  1. Girl all you had to say was bbq and avocado and I’m already stuck to the post heh! good call though on being selective on who does and doesn’t come over, there are sooo many of reasons behind what I can list here 🙂

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    1. She’ll probably be doing lots of BBQ parties in December. You should fly to Hong Kong for it. Hahahaaha! I’m sorry I saw all the comments late. I also saw your email just now. Will be responding to it in a bit! I hope you had a great weekend nonetheless! 🙂

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