I Am a Strong WOman


I am a strong WOman and I am brave. I am focused on myself and not on everyone else. While I may lack some of the great qualities one wants to see in me, I still possess other great things, and I will never bend my knees for anyone who is undeserving of my love and trust.

I am a strong WOman and I have utmost respect towards myself. I may have low tolerance for things I do not like, but I also have a very high level of persistence for things I really like. If I don’t like you, I don’t like you. Period. If I like you…I really do and you can do nothing about it.

I am a strong WOman and I can get through anything. The more pain you inflict on me, the more I get stronger. The more scars I get, the more I become braver.

I am a strong WOman and I am not the only one.

Because behind a strong WOman is a group of an even stronger WOmen.




16 thoughts on “I Am a Strong WOman

  1. Ugh. One thing I hate hearing the most is how I cease to live out my full potential. That is such a manipulative and insulting thing for people to point out. Live for you and no one else. You are young, unattached and beautiful. These are your prime years. Live it according to you, no matter how crazy.

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