Why Come Back?

Eternal winter.:
Some people change overnight. They get popular, move to a new place, forget their old friends, and focus on making new friends and establishing connections. When things don’t work out, they change overnight [again]. They get unpopular, go back to their hometown, reunite with their old friends [who have never forgotten them], and focus on recuperating from their misfortune. When things don’t go the way you want it to, why do you always go back? Why do you want to forget things that make you learn your lessons? If you always forget where you come from, why do you still bother coming back? Why do you only remember where you come from when things don’t go as planned?





10 thoughts on “Why Come Back?

  1. I think the old saying “you can’t go home again” is true. Home is where you come from but its also a point and time in your life when things were different. There are people out there who want to be popular and the resources to make their lives different, better but it doesn’t always work out for everyone.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. It’s sad, but I also believe that when everything else fails, home is always a good place to heal. I just don’t get why some people pretend to completely forget where they come from, yet come back when they feel like their world is slowly crumbling down.


  2. This is true and i can so relate to it, I’ve had that happen even in relationships. People who find better, then they move on as if nothing had ever initially happened. Or, yes they find popularity and you are no longer in the picture, yep! been there alright :-\

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    1. OMG yes! I was actually referring to friendship here, but it can also happen in romantic relationships. I wish it was very easy to determine whether a person is like that in the earlier part of the relationship…like you can easily find out whether or not this person you’re with is just using you or being with you for his/her convenience. It is funny because I initially posted this on my Facebook account, and the people that inspired my rant liked it. I wonder if they know it was for them. The most painful thing about this is when you’re the one being left out and forgotten, and you still try to reach out to them even though they have already forgotten your existence. As if you didn’t matter before, as if you weren’t a part of their life for a long period of time, as if you didn’t play a major role in their successful life. LOL

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      1. ” As if you didn’t matter before, as if you weren’t a part of their life for a long period of time, as if you didn’t play a major role in their successful life. ”

        Hit the nail on the head right there Diana, The sad part is the signs are all there when you first meet someone when it’s a relationship but you are too in love to see it, If that makes sense?

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