Indescribable Emptiness


How can you tell you have already fallen hard for someone?

When you start to feel how painful it is to think that you cannot have them at all?

Does it really have to be that painful all the time?

Loving someone who can’t love you the same way and the same degree you do must be the most painful thing in this world.

Because no matter how often someone tells you he feels something for you, too, you can never be sure he will love you as much as you already did.

I have never felt so much pain like this until now.

It is indescribable.

I feel so empty.

How do you even describe emptiness?

I used to compare it to anything concrete

But now, I can only describe it as
just emptiness itself.




6 thoughts on “Indescribable Emptiness

  1. That second, fifth and last lines…just resonate so well. Your stream of thoughts reflect the soul of someone who loves deep and genuinely with all the heart. Such beauty should be preserved for the person who never leaves you feeling indescribably empty. ❤

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  2. You should not relate pain with love, the two shouldn’t coincide with one another. Because you feel so much emotion bursting all for one person doesn’t mean it is love. This term in the psych world is called “engulfment” (An unhealthy and overwhelming level of attention and dependency on another person, which comes from imagining or believing one exists only within the context of that relationship.)
    Love is easy although society and social romanticism has conditioned us to believe love is suppose to be an event which ends or begins in the most tragic manners.
    I, of all people know what it is like to constantly battle and argue with myself on my mix emotions. I require a lot of unnecessary assurance I am unable to provide for myself. Know I am here for you when you are feeling alone. I am one call away. Even if I do not answer the first time I will call right back. You’re never really alone!



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