This Bed


Here I go again

Lying alone on my side of this bed

Bright lights peeking through the window

I couldn’t open my eyes

No, I don’t want to open my eyes

I don’t want to see how you are not here beside me

I don’t want to know that another cold, long night has passed

and I still don’t wake up in the morning seeing your smile

or your beautiful green orbs staring at me while I melt in them

or your bare back with my arms around it

It has been nine thousand four hundred ninety-six hours

and I am still counting

I am still counting the hours and the days

until I see you here lying on your side of this bed

because this bed has been lonely

I wish I could say that it has been feeling that way lately

but lately would mean eternity

and it has been feeling empty

It needs to feel your warmth, your love

My love, this bed wants you to come home

I want you to come home

I beg you, please come home.




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