Hello, How Are You?

When you’re a teacher, there’s nothing better than to hear your student say s/he’s happy because you are happy. It’s not every day that I receive a sweet message and a compliment from my students, and it really makes me feel happy and appreciated when I get one. I feel like I have not been doing well in my classes lately because I have been moody and irate towards my students. I have found myself getting mad several times when my students forgot their books, or when they cannot answer questions and follow simple instructions. 

Last week, I tried my best to make my classes fun and interesting. I did well, but I think I am better this week. I had a wonderful conversation with one of my students yesterday and it started like this…

Me: Hello, how are you, Sally?

Sally: I’m fine, thank you.

Me: You’re welcome. Did you do anything fun today?

Sally: No, but you are very happy and I am then happy. *my students are young and they are just starting to learn English so they’re not very good at it yet*

Me: Really? *laughs* Well, I am happier now because you said that. You are very sweet, honey. I hope that you will always be like that.

Sally: I think you are very friendly.

Me: Really? You also sound friendly.

Sally: Because my day was not very good but we have a talk, and then you are friendly, your mmm, you are very happy so I’m happy.

Me: I hope that you will always be happy. I think you felt happy when you heard my happy voice. It’s amazing how others can affect your feelings sometimes. So continue influencing other people’s feelings in a good way, okay?

Sally: Thank you, teacher.

Ever since I had that conversation with my student, Sally, I felt so motivated and inspired to do my best to make all of my students happy. I remember myself thinking about quitting my job and just focusing on my writing stints two weeks ago. But now, I’ve changed my mind (again) because of the kids I talk to every day.

I like talking to my students not only because I like kids very much, but also because their thoughts and actions give me a different perspective in life. All the little things they do make me value the simplest things I have. And I’m still not ready to give up on these opportunities.

So at the moment, I am just happy receiving and spreading happiness. ❤


2 thoughts on “Hello, How Are You?

  1. I can relate to this. I work in technology, but for a number of years I taught adult education courses at the local college (which was strange when most of my students were older than I was).

    But I found teaching more fulfilling than my day job. As a teacher you are actually having some sort of impact on peoples lives, and that’s a great feeling.

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    1. I agree with you. Being able to affect other people in a positive way gives us a sense of fulfillment. Especially when we also see how great it influences us in return. I have also tried teaching students who were older than I was before but it was just for a short period of time, and I find teaching the younger ones more exciting.

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