When you’re starting a new day

and you’re laughing with your new friend

you’d feel a stinging sensation deep within your heart 

something you thought you have already forgotten

then you’d feel your soul begin to ascend

you’d look for her and ring her again

just like the other days when you asked for her hand

and she’d say no over and over again

Why couldn’t you see?

she was not trying to pretend

so many times you try to make amends

but it was your voice she just couldn’t stand.




10 thoughts on “Shitsubou

        1. It’s alright. 🙂 I am just really into provoking sad images, but it doesn’t mean I am not okay. I have discovered the word “Shitsubou” today, and I kind of liked it. It’s a Japanese word that means “despair.” I hope you’re having a great day!

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    1. Thank you! My day just ended actually…It’s 12:35 AM where I am now and I just finished work. It’s Saturday! I am glad the weather there is perfect! What’s a perfect weather like for you? Mine is when it’s not too sunny but also not too gloomy. It’s too sunny here at day time, and the heat could burn you alive if you stay under the sun for two minutes! You seem excited for the weekend! Hope you have so much fun! X

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      1. You are pretty much 12 hours ahead. I used to work afternoon and midnights now I prefer days. I like the same type of weather, sunshine, not too hot, certainly not too gloomy. Though gloomy can be comforting if your home and have no reason to leave. I live far enough north that we don’t get the sun and heat you do but it does get awfully hot here sometimes. I lived by the ocean when I was younger and really enjoyed it. The vastness gives me the feeling of infinity. Yeah my weekends are nice; work in the yard, work on the computer, watch movies, play with the dogs and enjoy the family. Do you have any plans?

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        1. I agree with you! Gloomy weather can be comforting only if you’re at home and not going anywhere. You can just stay in bed and sleep the whole day. It must have been amazing to live near the ocean! I have always dreamed of that. I love being in the water tho I can’t really swim. 😀 Sounds like you’ve got amazing plans for your weekend! I’m just gonna stay at home and start writing a story since I’ve been outside every single day this week. 🙂

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