I Wish You Were Her


I love how you smile at me when you see me

You look exactly just like her

I love the way you flip your hair unconsciously

And for a moment I wish you were her

You don’t have her brown hair

the one that I have always adored

the one that flips carelessly in the air

the one that smells like cherry blossoms in the spring

You don’t have her dark hazel brown eyes

the ones that shine in the sun

the ones that my soul loses into

the ones that tell me how amazing life could be

You don’t have her lips

the one I have always craved for

that red pair of softness I so long to devour

You don’t have her skin that has always looked sun-kissed

her back that is very well defined

her heart that used to be mine

I wish you were her

And I also wish she was you

that she would love me the way you do

that she would give up her world just to be in mine

and that she would wish to wake up beside me every time

I wish your name was different to hers

because whenever I call you

It is her who I always remember.




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