I Loved Him


In my younger years, there was this person, and I loved him. It was great, yet it was short lived. It was the kind of love that kept me awake all night long. It was full of fantasies and whimsical ambitions. It was something that old people would consider shallow and pretentious, yet something that would teach us about life.

When I try to go back and relive the memories, I realize how badly I have treated that person who once made me smile. I wasn’t his first, but he was mine, and I thought I could love him the same way forever.

I have reached that point in my life when I started considering that person I loved for the first time as the one that got away. I loved him. I am sure of that. Yet, my love for him was not enough. It was not the kind of love that would move mountains, nor the kind of love that would make me cross oceans. It was the kind of love that made me seize the day and enjoyed everything while it lasted.

Letting him go was very easy for me. I already knew back then that he deserved someone better. I loved him, but I knew that I wasn’t the one for him…that no matter how many times he tried to tell me that we were meant to be, it would never work out the way he thought it would.

I loved him, and I let him go. But, this doesn’t mean I regret anything. I no longer feel the same love I had for him now, because there is already someone filling up the space he used to have in my heart. In fact, this person fills up the space that is bigger than the one he had. Despite all these, I would always carry a piece of his memory at the back of my mind, and I would never forget that once in my life, I loved him.HorizontalBar_2



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