I envy the people who get to

see your beautiful face

hear your raspy, sexy voice

smell the sweet scent of your skin

I would give anything

just to be with you

to lie awake next to you

and stare at your beautiful green eyes

I would do anything

just to be one of those people

who get to be with you

every single day.HorizontalBar_2



10 thoughts on “Anything

    1. Thank you so much, Chloe! I appreciate it greatly! :* And yes you are right, it’s almost one year since we started it and it has been very difficult. I agree with you. It will be worth it. 🙂 And… I love your blog, too! That was why I followed you first! Haha! I haven’t read the rest of your posts, but I am planning to do it now since I just finished my work. I’d love to get to know you more! You said you were also in an LDR? What happened if you don’t mind me asking? ❤ Diana


      1. No I don’t mind at all!
        I was in a LDR with a man in Hawaii too, that’s so funny! We really cared for each other, I just think that too much stuff happened in his life at the same time and he didn’t have the energy he used to have to put in our relationship. We’re still good friends tho 🙂
        How did you meet your boyfriend? 🙂

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        1. I so love your abrupt reply. ❤ Are you in Hawaii right now? It's good to hear that you're still good friends no matter what. I hope everything will be even better for the two of you. 🙂 Men are like that. Sometimes when something unexpected happen in their life, they tend to lose their energy and become less supportive to a point where we already start doubting them. I know because my boyfriend was like that a few months back, but I just gave him some time to figure himself out. As you have said, it's really difficult. But anyway, my best friend and my boyfriend are step-siblings. I met him over a year ago when my best friend's mom and his dad got married. 🙂 How about you? Did you two meet in Hawaii?


          1. That’s so nice that you are able to make it work even with the distance. Do you have any plan of moving there or him going to the Phillipines? And no I’m no in Hawaii, I’m in Canada 🙂 it’s very cold right now…
            And for the guy, we met on Kauai, because of a friend we had in common. We met at a rugby practice haha! 🙂

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          2. Thank you, Chloe! As of now, we plan to visit each other’s country. He is coming here in July. He wants me to visit him first, and I would really love to do that. However, my work is really taking much of my time, and I only get a five-day vacation every year. His job does not require him to be physically present all the time so we just decided for him to come here first. We were supposed to meet in Hong Kong this March since I am going back to HK, but his dad and step mom will also be there. They can’t leave their house all at the same time, so he isn’t coming with them. *cries* If we’re still together in three years, I plan to move to Hawaii because him moving here doesn’t seem like a good idea. Hehe. Where are you in Canada? Canada is like one of the countries I wish to visit. I can’t imagine how cold it is there right now. I have read some articles on the web about how heavy and thick the snow is. I hope you’re safe and warm! ❤


          3. Ahh I feel you.. And honestly, Hawaii is paradise too, I’m sure you’d love it. The people are so nice!
            And I am staying warm even if it’s -32C today !! I live in Montreal, which is in the province of Québec (a french province).
            I would love to visit Hong Kong, but it also scares me a bit. It seems so different than what I’m used to. One day, I promise!

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          4. I haven’t really been to Hawaii, but I agree with you. I am sure the people there are really nice. Some of my childhood friends moved there when we were younger, and it would be very nice to see them again when I visit there.

            Is French your first language? That is so awesome! I learned basic French when I was in college and my instructor said she lived in Montreal when she was younger. I understand how you feel. That is normal. 🙂 But I look forward to you visiting Asia one day! If not, maybe we’d run into each other somewhere one day! It’s always nice to visit different places, making new friends and learning other’s culture. 🙂


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