What Happens When You’re With a Hardworking Overachiever?

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It is very inevitable that we all meet, and get to know many different kinds of people throughout our lifetime. We even fall in love with different people, but have you ever fallen for someone with big dreams? Someone who works so hard to get what he wants? Someone who has achieved so much but is still never content with what he has? Someone who always wants to be on top? Someone who is always too busy to talk? Or someone who lives thousands of miles away but still makes the distance seems longer by not getting you more involved in his life?

The bad thing about being in love and being in a relationship with a busy, hardworking and overachiever man is…he always thinks you can handle things on your own. He trusts you to always do the right things, so he doesn’t seem to care whether or not you are on the top of his priorities. You have to pretend you are strong and brave because you know that how you feel would always affect how he feels. It would also upset him if you show him how upset you are. You have to learn how to say “it is okay” without breaking down in front of him. It sucks because you can’t give up knowing you are his source of strength.

Another bad thing is you may also feel like you are out of his league. You would feel insecure every now and then because you know that he has more than you do. You would think about letting go of him so many times because you think that you are not the one for him. But then, at the end of the day, you try to erase these thoughts and still remain to be with him because you really want to make things work.

Nevertheless, the good thing about it is…when you are with someone who is too busy, you can be sure that during the time he’s not busy, even when it is just for a short period of time, he still surely remembers you. He may not have enough time to tell you how he feels for you and how often he thinks about you, but he surely does think of you when he takes a short break. It may also not seem like you are his top-most priority, but you definitely play a big part of it. Think about it, why is he too busy in the first place? Why is he working so hard? It must have something to do for his future…his future that involves you, so you know that you’re both going to benefit from it.

One more good thing about it is…when he achieves something, the happiness he feels would radiate and it would greatly affect you the most. The happiness that you would get from seeing him happy is so incomparable, and you couldn’t be any more proud of him. You wouldn’t mind him bragging about it because you know that he has been working hard for it.

Moreover, being with a hardworking overachiever would also push you to be better than you already are. You would feel more inspired and motivated every day. You would use your competitiveness to bring good things in your relationship. You would learn how to make things work on your own, and he would also be very proud of you. You would learn how not to be too needy, and you would grow into the strong and brave woman he has always want you to be. And you would be so surprised to see how amazing it is to stand alongside him.

There may be bad things about being with someone who works so hard to get what he wants, but there are still more good things about it. All the great things in life aren’t perfect, and they all have flaws.

If he doesn’t talk to you that much or doesn’t give you enough attention because he is busy working and trying to reach for his dreams that hopefully include you, it is okay. You’re gonna be okay. Just like what someone special living across the Pacific has told me recently, take things slow. Breathe, and be patient. If you really want things to work out with the person you are with, you won’t stop trying.
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