When I Asked You If You Loved Me

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by Diana Marcos


When I asked you if you loved me,
you turned your back and refused to face me
“Of course, I do,” that was what you said
But I never knew what was going on in your head.

When I asked you if you loved me,
I was hoping you would say the words immediately
But you just smiled at me with your captivating caramel eyes
And I could not decipher whether or not they were just expressing lies.

When I asked you if you loved me,
you walked a few steps away from me,
You looked at me with disappointment
When all I wanted was acknowledgement.

When I asked you if you loved me,
I was confused with the response you gave me
You planted a kiss on top of my head
You squeezed my body under the sheets in your bed.

When I asked you if you loved me,
I asked not because I believed you didn’t
I knew you did, but I wanted to be reminded
But all you believed in was that you weren’t trusted.

When I asked you if you loved me,
I didn’t foresee that you would leave me,
With all the happy memories you had shared with me
I never knew you had the capacity to forget me that quickly.



  • Deeply profound as always in your words..

    • And your words are sweet as always! Thank you, Andy! 😀

      • My pleasure, it’s the truth ☺️

        • Yay okay then. Haha. Thank you! 🙂

  • Beautiful 🙂

    • Thank you so much! <3

  • Powerful poem. Very sad indeed.

  • So deep. I love it

  • This one hurts a little. It reminds me of what I very recently went through with the Bartender. But it is beautifully written! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for reading, and I’m sorry to hear it reminded you of what you had to go through. I hope you’re feeling better! <3

  • So sad and bittersweet recalling all those moments that replay forever 🙁 thank you for the piece

  • It is a very sad poem from a very naive person’s perspective who are hurt later when the truth hits them. I feel so much sympathy for the person in the poem.

  • Hi Diana! Write Back Soon! Muah!

  • Jai

    Heartbreaking! 💔

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  • This is a great poem!

  • Beautiful. Thanks for this beautiful poetry.

    • Thank you for appreciating! ❤️

      • You’re welcome Diana.

  • You site looks awesome!! So happy to see you grow and flourish!