What/Who Do You Wake Up For?

“Who do you wake up for?” said the ad on the TV this morning. I closed my eyes and my lips slowly curved their way up. It never left since then. I am still wearing it right now. Somewhere deep in my heart, I already know the answer.

I have a very special student, and his name is Mason. He cannot express himself very well, but he’s very talkative. Whenever I talk to him, he would always tell me to smile first. It’s not much, but it moves me every time he does it. He is not the only one. There are also some of them who even do or tell something that always put a smile on my face, something that makes me want to say that this is what I want to do, not for the rest of my life, but right now.

Cries. Screams. Mood swings. Clutters. Food crumbs. Smelly feet. These things do not reflect a very good environment, but mind you, these are nothing compared to the smiles, the love, care, concern and gratitude that I get from my little angels. These are what I wake up for every day. I wake up for the little kids I talk to every day. I wake up for their smiles that give me more happiness than I could ever have. I wake up for the lessons I also learn while teaching them, and for the love I also get from them.


  • Teaching is a wonderful career. It’s the most marvellous feeling to know that you’ve actually helped someone, either towards a better understnding of the subject being taught or, often more importantly, a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. I wouldn’t have picked anything else and have only happy memories of the hundreds of students I tuaght over my many years as a teacher. Although my students were much older, your little ones sound adorable. A smiling face is sometimes all that some of them ask. 🙂

    • That is so true! 🙂 It’s very fulfilling. Seeing them happy and actually learning something makes us feel more content than ever. My little kids are really adorable. They can be very difficult sometimes, but they know how to make up for it. 🙂 Thank you, Millie! <3

  • Nice one. =] It takes a passionate heart to teach with love. I’ll miss this career! Haha.

  • Hahaha! Grabe. Old school? hahaha yes, I forgot FB. . . =]