What’s New on Toast&Tea?


So what is new on Toast&Tea? After almost 48 hours of domain propagation and trouble shooting, Toast&Tea is now up and running again! I’ve just moved to a self-hosted site, hence, when you visit my site, you will easily notice the changes. I’m still working on it, but I feel like I am content with how it looks right now. If you were an avid follower of my previous site, and you’re still seeing this post, you are probably still following me, but you are no longer subscribed to my mail, so please, if you want to be updated, please,please subscribe to my posts using your email. I would really appreciate it.

If you have any suggestions or if you want to say anything to me, if you miss me (who am I kidding?) or whatever, just leave a comment or send me an email! I would love to stay connected with all of you!

Thank you for your support!