What’s It Like to Be Me?

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What’s it like to live in another’s body?

When you hold hands, he remembers the way I touch his

When you kiss his lips, he imagines my mouth interlaced with his

When your bodies unite, he remembers the warmth of my skin against his

What’s it like to live in someone’s memory?

When you look at him, he sees my big, dark eyes staring at him

When you call his name, he hears my sweet, innocence voice calling

and when you make him laugh, a vision of me flashes through his memory.

What’s it like to be overshadowed by my ghost?

When you know that you have nothing to lose

and yet, you keep on losing what’s already been lost?

What’s it like to hear the words “I love you”

when you know it’s clearly not for you?

When you know that he just says it but does not actually mean it?

What’s it like to be with someone who does not love you for who you are?

When a man is not in love with you,

you know that you will never be enough.

When you go to bed with his arms wrapped around you,

you know that in his dreams,

he still wishes to see me every night.

What’s it like to be me?

What’s it like to get frustrated,

to be desperate to replace me

in his heart that is still fully mine?

It must be heartbreaking to know that the one you love

still longs for someone else —

someone like me,

but you keep going

because you incorporate loving with hurting

and you think of both just the same.