What’s Going On, Diana?



This year has started so beautifully for me, and even though I still have my hyper-depressive moments once in a while, I am glad I am always able to counteract them and still feel better afterwards.

January was a rollercoaster ride for me. I had lots of highs and lows. February was a bit better. I traveled a lot. I ate a lot. I slept a lot. And of course, I worried a lot. My days would never be complete without it. The only thing I started doing lesser and lesser every day is working.

While writing this, I am sitting down on a bench at a beach house, overlooking the ocean. I’ve been enjoying my stay at the beach so far, and I am starting to wish I never have to leave this place.


Isn’t it so beautiful? The only thing that isn’t beautiful is the weather. The weather, just like me, is being bipolar. It gets gloomy, it gets warmer, then it starts drizzling until the sun comes back out.


I’m really loving this place. I feel like it was made for me. It’s so chill, quiet, and the people I am with are really fun to be with.


One of my friends has a house nearby, and they have lots of coconut trees. We went coconut picking, and it was so much fun!


This is my second time coming to this place. I was also here with my friends this day last year. If you check out my travel blog from last year, you would see photos I have shared.


I also got myself a henna tattoo. It’s really pretty but I feel a little regret as my hand is actually very itchy right now.


Oh well, YOLO, I guess? What’s more important than finding what makes you happy, and finding a place where you can be yourself?

So this is how I am ending my February and starting my March,so far. I am being optimistic and I am hoping that my birth month will be even better. I also wish everyone a good leap year and happy March! ❀️O


  • That’s brilliant (:

  • Hi Diana. I like this post. Being that I live in Hawai’i, I’m partial to images of the beach. I hope you are having a great day!! Keep sharing…

  • Your henna looks beautiful, like you Diana! πŸ™‚ I am glad you are chilling out and having a good time!

  • tam

    Photos are so calming 😍

  • Those are awesome photos! Great views!

  • Looking at the snow outside, I could do with a day or two or three at the beach. But for now I’ll just enjoy your photos. Lovely. You, too.

  • I adore your white ruffles lace off-the-shoulder top Diana. Life is not all roses, just keep doing what you love.., it’ll cheer you up!

    Vivienne X

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