He called her name
from outside the room
as if it was a specialized endearment
he made for her

She pretended to sleep
just to see
if he was coming to get her
yet he didn’t

She wasn’t aware that
he was calling her
just to say goodbye
one last time

What’s more heartbreaking
than knowing she was slowly
being unloved
without her being aware of it?





  • OMG! Di this is so sad! I felt my heart break with the last sentence.

    • Righhhht? This is probably selfish but I like it when people who read my flash fiction feel the pain. Haha! 🙂

      • Lol believe me I can relate!! Milk all that emotion for all its worth lol

        • Haha! We like a little pain to get through it all, don’t we? 😛 I haven’t heard from you in a while! How was your application for LDRBN? Were they able to get back to you???

          • Unfortunately I never heard back from them. Thinking my application hit lost somewhere in transition when the website was being revamped or something. Thank you so much for checking up on me

            • Oh, I am sorry to hear that! Yeah, I think you weren’t the only one with that case. I hope you still want to join us. We need people like you!

              • Ok will reapply and hope I get accepted 😳😀😬. Thank you so much Di

              • Hi Di I got a reply from the community!!!!

              • Thank you so much! I don’t know what happens next though. I was told to write my name if I agreed with the terms stating I agree which I did. What’s the next step? Thank you so much 😊😊😊😊

  • I loved this; reminds me of how a relative of mine lost her husband, not due to abandonment, but the passage of time. Very sad and very beautiful.

  • Babe, seriously.. why ??? I felt this.. grrr… are you free this friday? want to join us?

    • Haha! This is fictional! Anyway, what time on Friday? Who are you going to be with?

      • You already met them last time.. hahaha.. after work 11PM.. do you know Seoul Restaurant?

  • Now that is a sad writing, I say.

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