Treat Yourself with Good Food 


When you are upset, what do you usually do? Which living and nonliving thing do you usually turn to? What would usually make you feel better?

If there’s anything that most of us, if not all, must have in common, it is probably our love for food. There is nothing that food cannot fix.

Empty stomach? Food.

Heartbroken? Food.

Angry? Food.

Sad? Food.

Disappointed? Food.

Anxious? Food.

Depressed? Food.

Whatever you are feeling, all you have to do is get some food and stuff your stomach until you feel better. It’s always effective, at least, for most of us.

And for me.

I don’t always tell everyone how hungry I am almost all the time. Not even my best friend can hear it from me. Not even my mom. Not even my boyfriend.

I’m that type of person that when I go hungry and there’s no food, I sit and grieve in silence. Luckily for me, I have the most amazing people who can easily detect my hunger and recognize my hungry face.

Today, I was feeling very anxious and a little demotivated. The weather wasn’t so good and the sky was so uninviting. It was only seven in the morning and I kept looking at my bed. I could feel my urge to go back and just snuggle with my body pillow.

It was raining cats and dogs and it’s the weekend. What was I supposed to do? I had no important project to finish and I was kind of slacking a little bit.

To keep my mind off my desire to go back to sleep, I made myself some coffee and visited my grandmother’s garden. I sat down with my cup of coffee, my Spotify playlist playing on a loop in the background.

I sat in silence and closed my eyes. In my head, I was trying to convince myself to feel better and get that daily motivation I needed.

Then I thought of food.

Oh God, was I hungry? I remembered how much food could affect my mood. It could totally turn my negative vibes around.

Last time I was this upset, I asked my best friend to have brunch with me at our favorite cafe in Sheung Wan. The funny thing is, when I was feeling upset and I was thinking about having brunch with her, she was also feeling the same and thinking about asking me to go to the cafe.

We both felt incomparable happiness as we told each other what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go.

“Antipodean?” She asked.

“Antipodean!” I exclaimed.

For those of you who don’t know, Antipodean is a New Zealand-formed cafe in Hong Kong. They also have restaurants in Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia, and soon, in Manila.

My best friend and I normally don’t have breakfasts. We usually skip it because 1) I always wake up late, and 2) She’s always rushing to work. Haha.

So when we both get to have breakfasts, we really carpe the diem out of it!  We ordered so much food. And we were in the restaurant for three hours. Our tummies were like an abyss of an endless black hole if that even made sense!

Here are all the foods we had:

It was an amazing experience. It was like our disappointment with the world suddenly disappeared as soon as we took our first bite of our food. We had the French onion soup, some kebabs with vegetables, fruit and yogurt, fried salmon, salad, and waffles.

Their coffee also had a very satisfying effect on me. I tried their sparkling coffee for the very first time, and it was legit great!

And for my best friend, well, she had something healthy, as usual. It’s a mixture of greens and whatever. I don’t remember. All I can remember is how happy we both were.

Treating yourself with good food helps a lot in making yourself feel better especially in your dark days when your dopamine level is way too low.

When you fill yourself with good food, you feel more encouraged and motivated. So don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while. Spoil yourself. Eat anything and everything. Forget about your diet. Eat what makes you happy and be happy.

Do you have any questions? Want to talk to me? Leave a message in the comment section below and I will do my very best to respond to you as soon as I can. ❤️

Extra: My face when my babe bought me good food. 😂

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