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This is my first post about the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden since I am also planning to write a post about it, but focusing on my outfit.

The place is a combination of a zoo and a botanical garden (well, obviously, duhh?), which is a little different than usual since most places like this that I have been to had the zoo and the garden separated.

To get to this place, we just had to walk from my boyfriend’s house since it’s not really that far. It’s located on Albany Road in Central, so it’s not that difficult to find it. You can either take a taxi (it’s not going to be that expensive).

I did my research and found out that this is one of the oldest zoological and botanical garden in the world. It was opened in 1871! Imagine that?It’s quite big, actually. It consists of seven hundred animals, which I didn’t really get to see all since it was a bit cold at that time.

I also didn’t take photos of the animals, as I was distracted by the flowers. Here’s a proof:

But of course, it’s not only beautiful flowers and plants are there, you can also find lots of different animals and…bamboos…and monkey statues. Hah!

This post does not do any justice to how beautiful and relaxing this place is. There is also another good spot you can go to when you finish strolling the area. The Hong Kong Park is located just a few meters away from it. There is a big pond where you can see lots of Koi fish and turtles swimming around like a boss.

Whether you need a place to take cool Instagram photos, see a new place you haven’t been to in Hong Kong before or just a place to pass time, HK’s Zoological and Botanical Garden is indeed a wonderful spot.

Have you ever been to this place before? Or is it in your list of places to visit? Well, it should be! You’re missing out, brother! If you liked this post, please feel free to click like, comment and share. <3 :3

**All photos of me were taken by my boo, look for him on Instagram by clicking this link**

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