Travel Ideas: Cape D’Aguilar Trekking


There’s this one place in Hong Kong where both locals and tourists like to go to regardless of the weather. I can’t blame them though, this place has magnificent views and being there makes you feel so relaxed and stress-free. That place is Cape D’Aguilar.

Cape D’Aguilar, also known as Hok Tsui is a cape in the south of Shek O located on the Hong Kong Island. It is believed to be named after Major -General George Charles Cape D’Aguilar who was a British Army officer who served in Hong Kong from 1843-1848.

To get there from Central, you will have to take the MTR to Shau Kei Wan station and exit via Exit A1 or A3. Then, board into Bus No. 9 or a mini bus going to Shek O. The bus ride will probably take 15 – 20 minutes, and then alight near Cape D’Aguilar Road.

Upon alighting, you will have to walk until you find a path going to the Cape D’Aguilar Marine Reserve. Just follow that path until you reach the end.

It was a little bit cold and the waves were huge. There were also too many people when we were there, but we still managed to take cool photos.


I was trekking with my boyfriend and his friends, and we were also able to see the lighthouse near it. Look at these aerial photos my boyfriend took!

Isn’t it beautiful? What do you think? I wish to go again this summer if I get another chance!

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