Senses XIV: The Sun, the Moon and the Star



don’t deserve
the Sun
if you only
to see it shine
and refuse
to feel the flames
of its desire.
don’t deserve
the moon
if you only
wish to see it glow
and never want
to see
how much darkness
it could show.
don’t deserve
the star
if you are only
blinded by its light
and never desire
to catch it
when it falls.
don’t deserve
a woman
if you only wish
to take away
her shine, her light and glow
and never plan
to feel, to see and to get to know.


  • wonderfully worded post that caresses the feelings of women

  • Beautiful words from my beautiful sis <3

    • Thank you, my beautiful sis! <3 I hope you have a great day! 🙂

  • touching lines….very well composed !! 🙂

  • Lovely, deep words…so well said. We are not just objects to be admired and desired. We are so much more. infinite discovery.

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