Tiny veins contracting
Blood ceaselessly pumping
Into beating hearts causing systole
A sign of life; a sign of normality
But, you know what’s not?
How I feel for you
when I see your lips curve upwards
my heart ceases to contract
my blood refuses to pump
my heart has a mind on its own
and decides to skip a beat
I forget my heart actually exists
and when I feel your skin against mine
I remember it is you
who makes my heart complete.



  • “my heart decides to skip a beat” – how wonderful said 🙂

  • wow! This is so beautiful! You need to print it out, put it in a frame and hang it on the wall. Pure 100% art! Love it!!

    • I thought it was weirdly written. Hehe. Thank you! Maybe, I’ll do that for you! 😀