Start to End

got away stronger stop

There is nothing more

I can say to you

than to tell you how much

I am proud of you.

You make me happy

But can’t you see?

We’re not meant to be

Everything is just too much for me.

I’d like to continue

Whatever we have

But I don’t know where to start

nor I know where to end.

If it’s going to end

I better start now

I’m sorry, my love

But I gotta do it somehow.

  • Sometimes when a good thing comes we are too afraid to bask in its embrace because we are expecting it to go wrong so before it can hurt us to pieces, we let go, hurting in chunks seems a better option than breaking up into a million pieces. This I got from your words however they are just my interpretations, you have penned your thoughts beautifully here Diana! Thanks for this post. 🙂

    • You’ve interpreted it perfectly! It’s exactly what I had in mind while writing this. ☺ Sometimes things could get so overwhelming and we tend to stop ourselves from going further to save us from more pain. 😕

      • You expressed your thoughts perfectly and poetically:)