Sometimes Always


Sometimes I get you
Sometimes I don’t
So many times we’ve been in this cycle
and this cycle goes on forever

Sometimes you want me
Sometimes you don’t
Quite a lot of times you call me in the middle of the night
and ask me if I’m alright

Sometimes I hate you
Sometimes I don’t
But most of the time I long for your touch
and everything that you deprive me of

Sometimes you need me
Sometimes you don’t
So many times I like to go back
to when you crave for me the most

Sometimes I love you
Who am I kidding?
Darling, despite everything you put me through
You know I do, I always do.



  • Thus the dance we all perform in love, We drift we hold. We Spin, we let go. We never give up though until the music stops.

    • It’s a vicious cycle we’ve come to love. 😛

  • Wow, sis!
    Another masterpiece.

    • Thank you so much, my dear sis! I hope you’re doing well! <3

      • I am fine, sis 🙂 Thanks