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Someday Somewhere, You Will Find Yourself


Someone told me that the person you will love more and the person who will love you more are not always the same person. If you ever have to choose between the two, always choose the one who loves you more. As time will go by and you, as a woman, have the innate capacity to learn to love that person as much as he will love you

But there is more to life than finding someone to love or someone to love you. You just need to remember that…

Someday somewhere, someone will find you and that person will turn your life upside down. You will never be asked and be forced to change anything in yourself, but you will be a better person. You will learn to love and be loved without expecting too much or anything in return. You will forget any bad experiences that happened in the past, and you will learn to forgive people you have never thought you could forgive.

Everything will be easy with this person. Everything you thought you have always wanted, you won’t want anymore, and everything you have never aspired to have will be your greatest achievement. You might not even recognize it at first. But… Someday somewhere, you and that person will stumble upon each other’s existence and you will want to be together for as long as you both breathe.

Maybe that person will spill coffee on your shirt, accidentally like your Instagram photo, unconsciously swipe you right and you will match. Maybe that person will be doing the same thing as you, maybe you will be in a grocery store and you will run out of cash, but he will be there next to you in line to save you.

Maybe you have already met. Maybe he was your playmate back in kindergarten, maybe he was a high school heartthrob who always walked past you and ignored you because your hair was crazy and you looked unnoticeable. Maybe you also ignored that person that one time he asked you for directions because you thought he was creepy. Who knows?

Someday somewhere, you will realize that there is more to life than finding someone to love and someone to love you. Life is not all about getting sad for being alone on Valentine’s Day or having no one to kiss on New Year’s Eve.

There is more to life and that includes focusing on yourself, having a positive attitude, and learning to see and accept when things, feelings and people are unreal.

Someday somewhere, you will not only find someone to love you and someone to love, you will find yourself, and that is precious.

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