Be Smart but Kind

Sometimes in your life, you will come across people who will smart-shame you. 

These are people who appreciate things other than intelligence. They are oftentimes the kind of people who like to rush things and put lots of pressure on everyone just to immediately see an end-result. They want everyone to have the pace as fast as theirs. 

But here is something you need to always remember: not everyone’s pace is all the same so don’t listen to them. 

I would say I used to rush everything in my life and in the past few years, I’ve learned how to slow down and realized that sometimes “fast” is not good. 

Sometimes you have to slow down in the middle of your race to breathe and think. It doesn’t mean you are stupid. It doesn’t mean you are not smart. 

“Fast” does not always mean “smart”. 

And you, no matter how slow or fast you get, have your own version of “smart”. 

But you also have to remember not to brag about your skills and knowledge. 

Sometimes people become too egotistical when they have learned more than others have or when they have more experiences in life. Sometimes they will mock you for it. Sometimes you will be the one mocking them for it. 

But don’t. 

The best way to educate others is not by telling them how much you know, but by showing them what you know and how they can learn and achieve it. 🦋