Sentiments at 1 AM

night regrets

I keep finding myself wide awake in my bed
Thinking whether to give in to the urge
Of letting you back into my life.

I still do miss you on some random days,
And I miss the memory of having you
As the reason I get through another day.

I stare at my phone
Thinking whether I should let your memories
Flood my mind again.

I still wish you’re here with me on lonely days,
And I still imagine the ways I could love you
And all the things you would say.

I read the note I wrote you over and over again,
And I still wonder whether it was right
That I turned my back on you
And chose to let go.

Nikkita Piandong is a Language and Literature graduate from the University of the Philippines Baguio. She loves to write poems and confessions on her free time. 

  • Beautiful well written poem. I think your speakers “gut” instinct was to let this guy go. Even though she misses him and thinks about ” better ways to love him” she should try to remember the reasons she made the choice she did. Looking back, I think we tend to make relationships look better then they really were when we miss being with someone. You conveyed her missing of love being loved and her questioning of her choice well.

  • Nikkita Piandong

    Thank you! I am really happy you like what I wrote. 🙂

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