Senses XVII: How Much I Love



I can no longer count

the many times

I have to stop myself

from saying I love you.

I love you

with a love

bigger than

the moon and the sun


wider than

all the galaxies

hiding above the sky;

higher than

the sun could

ever, ever rise;

longer than

the miles

a bird could learn to fly;

and deeper than

the inner core

of all the planets combined.

I love you more

than the many times

I don’t remember

how to breathe;

I love you too much

I have to stop myself

from saying it

every time we kiss.



  • Jen

    Lovely! This is how much I love my husband ☺️❤️.

  • We love to love and to be loved and this is so wonderful 🙂 Right, sis?

  • Mmmhmmmmmm wonderful. Feeling this strongly and missing my SO even stronger

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