Senses XII: Longing and Falling



I long for
the touch your hands
haven’t done
and the kiss
your lips haven’t
planted on mine
I crave
the warmth your
body hasn’t offered
and the comfort
your arms haven’t
secured around me
I miss you
without having to
know if I’m entitled
to feel it
or whether or not
you deserve it
And I fall for you
without judgment
clouding my mind
for this is what I do
I long for you
without wanting to know
if you long for me, too.


  • Jen

    Beautiful poem. This line is my favorite:
    I miss you
    without having to
    know if Iā€™m entitled

    • Thank you so much, Jen. <3

  • Great post.

  • Another great emotional poem from a very talented writer!

    • I feel like I’m being spoiled by you. Hehe. Thank you! šŸ™‚

  • Please craft more! I love it.

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