II Senses VIII: Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time,
there was you and me
under these
familiar sheets,
my tiny body
getting used
with your body heat
it was too good to be true
but neither did we
care much about it
until one day you had to go
and all I had were
fragments that didn’t fit
there was something
inside me that wished
you didn’t have to leave
for now,
my legs are cold
my hands are numb
my heart has turned
into concrete
my fingers tremble
as I trace the ink
of your name on my rib.
And now,
you are just a mark on my skin,
a memory in my brain,
and a line in a poem
I want to delete.

  • Loved this. Moving. Thank you for creating and sharing.

    • Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thought with me. I’m happy you loved this. <3

  • Extremely sad and regretful tone. The image of his body warming hers, versus the image of her body cold, like concrete stiff is very powerful. The end lines ” and now you are . . . A line in my poem / I want to delete.” An image of sorrow, if still being in such pain. Your speaker will get to the point where she will realize What her lost love taught her about herself intentional or not, is more important then how he hurt her, and her loss. It may take months, years but to heal, she’ll get there.

    • I loved your interpretation of this. Thank you for the motivation. <3

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