Revisiting Baguio City in Pictures

My Sunday was so exhausting because I had to practice my group’s dance routine and learn and experiment on a few steps myself. I was planning to sleep very early when I came home so I could wake up early and practice at home. However, I ended staying up until five in the morning. Ugh. The struggle was real!

What kept me awake though, besides constantly worrying that an insect might crawl on me if I went to sleep early? Haha. I just recovered my old external hard drive — the one I used when I was in college — and got some of the old photos I have never gotten to share. I was so much into street photography back in college and I guess it’s never too late to share the beauty of Baguio City!

Baguio City is a city on a mountain. You can find it up north and it’s in the Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR) where all the towns are made of mountains and rice terraces. The culture in this region is also very rich. Have you ever heard of Whang Od? She is a very famous Filipina tattoo artist. She is actually the oldest tattoo artist and she lives in Kalinga — another municipality in CAR. She does traditional tattooing wherein her tattoo ink is made of a mixture of charcoal and water. She taps this mixture using the tip of a calamansi or pomelo thorn. There are lots of people from other countries who have gotten their tattoo made by her. Even Hollywood celebrities know her, which is kind of nice because we have long wanted her to be a national artist here in the Philippines.

I haven’t seen her in person, but here is a photo I took from the web:

That is only one example of what CAR’s culture is like. Now, moving on, here are the photos I took when I was still living in Baguio City.

I took the picture above at Burnham Park. Burnham Park is one of the tourist attractions in Baguio City. It’s mostly full of not only tourists but also the elderly locals during the weekends. Besides being a tourist spot, the locals have made it a place to meet with their friends, chat and play board and card games. Some of the younger locals have also made it a place to skateboard.

Since there are many tourists coming to this place, you can see many fruit vendors like the one in the picture above. The man was selling Indian mangoes — one of the many varieties of mangoes here in the Philippines. When a friend and fellow blogger, Andy, saw this photo on my Instagram, he commented that he had always appreciated vendors with so much dedication. They bring all their products to places and display them very well. I couldn’t agree more with him. Vendors like the man above was so patient in organizing his products.

Another popular tourist spot in Baguio City is the Wright Park. This place is crowded with horses — some of which are very colorful, like the ones in the photo above. People come here to rent those horses for an hour to go horse back riding around the place.

There’s Jollibee on the Wright Park signage. Jollibee, for everyone’s information, is a famous Philippine fast food chain. The Jollibee on the signage is the chain’s mascot. Jollibee is not only found in the Philippines. It also has stores in other countries now, especially the US since many Filipinos have also migrated there. There was only one Jollibee store in Hong Kong and to my dismay, it isn’t that great there. My family and friends still go there every time we miss it though.

Panagbenga or the Flower Festival is held every end of February in the city of Baguio. During this celebration, flowers are all over the city, Fifteen to twenty floats are adorned with millions of flowers. Baguio City is known for the variety of flowers flower farms produce each year, and to celebrate it, the city holds the said festival. The photo above is a part of a float owned by the Tourism department in Baguio. “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” is the country’s tourism tag line.

What about these painstakingly juxtaposed duck boats at Burnham Lake? You only have to pay around PhP 200.00 to rent a boat and you can have a personal guide with you who will take you around the lake.





  • An amazing place, Full of traditions which is what I like about any travel. As for frogs though, Just the legs get cooked rite? O.o

    • Nah. Everything get’s cooked! Haha

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    trees under the sky — always a stunning view. Nice photos BTW 🙂

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 If I could lay down and just take photos of the sky every time, I would. It’s beautiful!

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        It is also my favorite subject. Ganda tingnan, personal man o sa photo.

  • That last shot is especially amazing.

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