Photos: Get to Know Me Part II (A-Z)

Hello again, everyone!

So I want to do another “Get to Know Me” post. I first saw this survey on Little Misadventures, and I would like to give it a try. I posted something similar to this weeks ago, and this is actually older than the one I already did. I got this from Kendel of Little Misadventures, while she got the idea from Sinéad of Dreaming Again. 🙂 Also, instead of answering with words, I’m going to try to answer with pictures instead!

A. Attached or Single?

Photo from je.suis.diana

B. Best Friend?


C. Cake or Pie? 

88216-11312366_1609748439297563_340171113_n 3c759-11324276_829495463772813_1123321933_n

D. Day of Choice?

Sleep All Day Day

E. Essential Item?


F. Favourite Colour/s?


G. Gummy Bears or Worms?

 Gummy Bear

H. Home town?


I. Indulgence?


J. January or July?

UPB, Baguio City
UPB, Baguio City

K. Kids?

L. Life is not complete without…?


M. Memory you cherish?

Photo from je.suis.diana

N. Numbers of brothers/sisters?

O. Oranges or Apples?


P. Pet Peeves? 


Q. Quotes?

I wish! I really want to be a genie mermaid who rides a magic carpet under the sea. My mind has some trippy thoughts.:

R. Reasons to smile? 


S. Season of choice?

Laiya, Batangas

Mabini, Batangas

T. Tea or Coffee? 


U. Unknown fact about me?


V. Vegetable?

Sauteed Veggies

W. Worst habit? 


X. X-Ray or Ultra-sound? 


Y. Your favorite trip?


Z. Zodiac sign?

Hope I answered these questions well! 😛
If you want to give it a go as well, just post something like this on your blog and link it back here so I could see! <3
Also, I just played around some of the questions, especially the last one. I hope you got all my answers correct though! Haha.
(All photos except the quote one are mine)
  • Your flat is so beautiful!! Almost as beautiful as you my darling Diana.

    • Except…that is my mom’s, not the flat I currently live in. My current flat sucks. Haha! I love you! I get my beauty from you bb! <3

      • Well your mother has amazing taste! We should go to HK to visit one day.

        • Yayyy! We should meet in HK before you come to Manila. Then don’t forget about Vietnam! Haha.

  • The pisces fish swims in opposite directions. Just sayin’

    • It’s still fish tho 😂