Passion and Poetry

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Yesterday, I was lucky enough to meet a guy I have never heard of before. I feel a bit embarrassed for not knowing him. Who wouldn’t know Mark Bustos? Apparently, I didn’t until I got a smiley from him through my hidden message requests on Instagram. I was intrigued by him and “googled” his name (he doesn’t like the term “google” but I am using it anyway). It turned out that he was actually very interesting and fascinating, and I have admired him instantly.

It wasn’t because of how popular he is now, but the fact that he has worked really hard to get to where he is, and he decides to give back to people. He is a humanitarian with a very inspiring advocacy to help people in need of support. To cut the story short, he is a popular hair artist who has worked with celebrities and high personalities but also conducts hair cut sessions for free on the streets when he has the time.

I asked him how he started doing his thing and he said it started when he was young. It really helps that you discover your passion at a young age. He was fourteen when he started playing with scissors and “giving his siblings and friends crappy haircuts” (at least that was how he described it). Then he worked in salons to practice until he became really great at it.

He worked on his passion and persevered. And now, he is a perfect example of a man who is either “expensive” or “free” but “never cheap.”

I am pretty sure everyone wants to be that person, but it takes a lot of hard work to get to that position. And knowing your passion and what to do with it is where it all starts.

Every time I meet new people and tell them about what I write in my website, I almost do not answer them. I just want them to see it for themselves. I want them to be surprised when they discover something they wouldn’t have expected me to write — like my erotic poems. After all, that is what Toast&Tea is all about — a bit of mystery and discovery.

A week ago, a guy I met in a secluded bar at Soho Central talked to me and asked me about my inspiration for writing my poetry series, Senses. At first, he came up with the idea that for every poem, there was someone, a man or a woman, behind it that sparked my imagination and creativity.

I just smiled at him and asked if he wanted to be one. Of course, I was kidding.

When you are a writer, you get inspiration from anything, even the simplest things. It’s not just a person, it’s not just anything. Sometimes, you even draw inspiration from nothing.

Also, when you are very passionate about something or when you know your passion, everything just comes out easily and naturally. You just need to work hard to keep up with this passion. I can’t say I am successful at what I am doing now, but I will get there eventually. I still have a long way ahead.