Parallel Universe

Welcome to the parallel universe
where realities are turned into dreams
where your broken heart is always healed
by the ones who actually broke it
where all your wants and needs
are met without you having to plead
where everything seems normal
when in fact you are actually just asleep.



Poem inspired by a recent conversation with someone I just met through trolling on Instagram. 🙂

  • One thing I miss the most about being in a constant emotionally challenged state of mind is the poetry. I do not have those moments as much as I would like anymore. No disparity to influence my writing.
    Fuck being happy and stable! LOL

    • Haha! It’s all because you have transferred it all to me! All I can think about now is to endlessly make love with poetry. See, that even rhymed! 😛

      • HAHAH thanks for telling me I transferred my sadness on to you. After I just wrote an amazing blog feature to you. LOL

        • Not the sadness, but the gift of writing poetry! You know, I am in love with all the craze. Haha! I love you so much!

          Oh, the blog feature which the bulge has liked. 😛

          • Yeah? No check my blog. There’s a new one.

            • There’s a new one?! Haha! OMG I haven’t seen it. Hang on!

  • Oh I love this! It’s so refreshing and pleasant! So was it all a dream? I like the sound of this anyway 😛 . Those juxtapositions are very well played, wow.

    • In the parallel universe, my heart is unbroken and my wants are prioritized. Unfortunately, it was all just a dream. 🙁 Haha! Thank you! <3

      • Awww, I wish I could say it was too good to be a dream in this case 🙁 had this feel of why let reality stop you when you can stop reality instead, all fanciful and all bliss :3 . I get that though, well done anyway!