Papa, Please don’t die.


Can I sit beside you?

Will you hold my hands?

They are trembling,

They are cold.

Can I put my head 

on your chest?

My knees are weak

My heart’s a wreck.

I am tired.

Papa, I am tired.

Please come get me.

Rise from your death bed.

Let me un-stab the knife 

from your chest.

Papa, please tell me you love me

one last time

So I know everything’s going to be alright.

Papa, I am sad tonight.

Can you come 

please pick me up?

I am still nothing but just a child.
*this is a poem I wrote for my dad on his funeral when I was twelve* I miss you, papa. It has been thirteen years but the pain is still here whenever I feel alone, sad or broken. Papa, please tell me, how do I stay happy on my own? How do I not feel broken whenever I miss you or whenever I am in pain? ;(

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